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Hypothyroidism is another illness that revolves around the thyroid gland. If the thyroid gland cannot produce enough thyroid hormones then Hypothyroidism will be in the patient. This illness can then lead to a lot of problems for the patient. It also seems that if the thyroid gland is infected then that can be one of the major reasons why this illness does appear in patients. However it isn’t just about the thyroid gland become infected. There is also the matter of the thyroid gland just not producing enough of the hormone to keep it going and if it isn’t producing enough of this special hormone then this illness will overcome the patient. With any illness that is related to the thyroid gland early detection is vital. If this problem is not discovered soon enough inside the patient then the symptoms that will be present will become more severe and this can then result in the patient falling into a coma which can result in death.

Vulnerable Groups

It does seem like there is a certain group of people that are vulnerable to this illness. Although you must remember that if you do not match any of these groups then it does not mean that you will not contract this illness. You must always be alert to the fact that you might contract this illness no matter what age or gender you are. However it has been shown that there are certain people that are more prone to this illness then others. People that are over the age of 50 are more prone to this illness and also it seems that women are more likely to contract then illness rather then men. If you are obese then that can be a contributing factor with also thyroid surgery being another factor. If you have had thyroid surgery in the last few years then it is recommended that you do keep checking with the doctor to see if the thyroid is in perfect working order and that there is no risk of an infection. All of this would of course been carried out by the hospital after the operation. You can always ask them to check again but it seems that it would be a waste of their time. The hormone production should also be at a normal and steady rate even though you have had the thyroid surgery. If your neck has been exposed to unusual amounts of X-ray and radiation treatment then it is recommended for you to check to see if everything is ok with your doctor as these can be reasons for Hypothyroidism appearing in a patient.

Symptoms of Hypothyroidism

There are some symptoms that should be noted. If these symptoms are consistent and also if they do appear to be severely affecting the patient then it is recommended that you take them to the nearest emergency room where the proper treatment can be given to them, so that they can combat the illness effectively. The symptoms that you should look out for are the patient showing signs of weakness, also an unintentional weight gain in the patient is also a sign of hypothyroidism. There have been patients that have shown signs of depression and also muscle pain when they have this illness. There have also been patients that have had thin and also brittle hair as a result of this. Also there is the sign of paleness on the patient. If one or more of these symptoms shows on someone that you know then it is highly recommended that you do take them to the doctor or the emergency room immediately for complete and also correct diagnosis.

Summary of Hypothyroidism

This illness is a very severe condition and if it is not treated properly in the early stages then you may very well regret that decision later on. If you do not see a doctor early on you could fall into a coma and the coma will be a life-threatening coma. Hypothyroidism is a very severe illness and you have to treat this illness with the up most respect otherwise you could end up dead as a result. If you or anyone you know is showing any of the symptoms of Hypothyroidism then it is vital that they are taken to the emergency department for treatment.

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