Herbal Remedies

Choosing the Right Herb

Over two thousand types of herbs are frequently used by Chinese herbalists for medicinal purposes. Because there is nothing in the herbs themselves to tell herbalists which afflictions can be treated by a particular botanic, there are over 500 thousand herbs currently used in varying combinations and strengths to treat different medical conditions.

Choosing the Right Herb

Strength of herbal concoctions used for medicinal purposes. For some, the tiniest amount used alone could be a potential poison; others require somewhat large amounts in order to be effective. There is not indication within the plant itself in most cases, about how the plant could be used medicinally.

Most people use alternative medicine and herb in one way or another.  This is because experimentation is the way in which the benefits were originally learned. Families and societies have passed down the learned benefits from previous history, and younger generations have furthered the knowledge. Home remedies created from herbs and other botanicals come in various strengths, from the very gentle to the extremely potent. However, because of the lack of definitive research in a closed environment, the scientific community has generated doubt regarding the claims of the benefits of herbal medicines. Those who believe in the positive effects of integrating herb into medicinal treatments believe that the medical practitioners who frown on the use of the herbal remedies are losing out.  Interestingly, they write prescriptions daily for medications that would not exist if it hadn’t been for herbal medication use in the past. Perhaps the upside to these doubts is that there is rising popularity for herbal remedies among the educated public.

As they began as folk remedies, these concoctions see their recipes passed throughout family and social lineages.  It is just now in modern times that the use of herbs in the treatment and prevention of many medical afflictions.

As mentioned above, many herbs and combinations thereof are in use today.  Some are used generically, while others target specific organs and body systems.  The following is a brief list of those that target specific areas within the body.

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