Sweet Almond Oil and it's Benifit

Let us start with the benefits of Almond oil.

Sweet almond is used as carrier oil in aromatherapy and massage as well as soap making. This is because it has a fine texture; it can without difficulty be absorbed, helps to soften and smoothens the skin.

All these are achieved because the almond is not greasy. In addition, it is a nice moisturizer applicable to all skin types. It does away with irritation, itching, inflammation and is also lubricating.

Sweet almond is an important oil mixer and a good massage medium. It allows one the time to massage properly before absorption by the skin. Apart from protecting the skin, it also acts as an emollient, skin softener and soother at the same time conditioning the skin and promoting a clean, clear youthful complexion.

It relieves muscular aches and pains.

Because of the large concentration of Oleic and linoleic important acids, if diluted with ten percent wheat germ, it gives it a longer shelf life.

Almond oil is also used as an important ingredient in lotions and soap.

It can be mixed with glucose and water to form a strong but pliable paste.

Super fatting is a term applied to explain a step in soup making. When the oil has soap and are due to be poured into the mold, a little amount of oil is put to mix. The added oil (almond) at this stage is free from all the remaining bonded oils. It moisturizes the moment it comes in contact with the skin.

The wisdom behind the superfatting is to have proper amount of oil so as not to make the bar exceedingly oily. Talking still about almond oil, it is an excellent emollient, if applied in soap base; the soap is made mild with good leather. Because it less expensive, it is always applied as a super fattng agent.

Sweet almond oil assists the skin to adjust its loss and absorption of moisture while equipping the body with vitamins and other nutrients.

When buying soap one must put some factors into consideration. Most of the soap found in various stores is tallow and soap made with chemicals. Vegetable soap is difficult to find and are more expensive.

One should always buy natural products as these are better for the body. The pores are open and vulnerable as one takes a bath.

How Almond Oil is Made

Almond oil is gotten from the fruit of the almond tree. The two kinds of almond oil are bitter and sweet almond oils.

The appellation "bitter almond" does not significantly mean high degree of bitterness. Its extracts are applied to flavor and extremely high flavor liqueur named ameretto.

The little bitterness is a particular feature of amereto. It is usually mixed with orange juice or other tasty mixer to balance out.

They are made into silvers and pieces of salads and casseroles. Bitter almonds can be used in cooking or baking but must be processed at the raw stage. This is because they contain a toxic amount of prussic acid. This can moreover be made into poison called cyanide.

Significant consumption of raw bitter almonds can cause death from this poison. Therefore, prussic acid must be removed from the bitter almonds before human beings can use them as food.

Sweet almond oil is removed from the seeds of the almond tree. The removal is done by expressing the seeds without the application of heat. The sweet almond can be made into important oils or extracts.

This extract is applied as an alternative to vanilla extract in diabetic-safe recipes. Sweet almonds are usually roasted and turned into chunks for texture in creams or puddings.

Scientifically, almonds are closer to peach pits than peanut. They are the fruits of a tree that initially were found in Asia and North Africa.

Almond form a leathery coating and inside this shell is thick pit with a dark skin which resembles the form of a freestone peach.

Uses of Almond Oil

Almonds have a variety of uses. Almonds are used in different Asian dishes. They are also used in dessert pastes and garnishes.They are used as decoration in sweets, praline, the Spanish type of nougat, in macaroons, marzipan and alternatives to flour in cakes.

In savory dishes, they are applied in everything from stuffing to salads and tanginess. Almonds are usually good to toast before use. It increases their flavors and adds more color and crunch. Dishes defined as amandine can be served with entire or split blanched almonds.

Moreover, almond oil is applied as base oil in aromatherapy. They are equally used as soothing agents on dry skin especially chapped hands. Another benefit driven from almond oil is the use if warmed to remove excess ear wax.

Almond oil is pale yellow with a usual nutty taste. It comprises of Oleic acid, linolenic acid, palmitic acid as well as vitamins.

Where to find Almond Oil

Almond oil is found in commercial quantity in such countries as Italy, Libya, Tunisia, India and United States of America. There is a large concentration of almond trees in state of California.

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