McDonalds Nutrition Facts and You

McDonald's is one of the oldest of the fast food restaurants in the business. Every one of us remembers the thrill of getting to eat out at McDonald's when we were kids. Now, many of us take our kids there, too, and there's so much more to choose from. Back then, we weren't as concerned with the quality of food we were getting; but now, let's take a look at McDonald's nutrition facts.

For a while, the fast food restaurant seemed reluctant to reveal their McDonalds nutrition facts. Now, they are out in the open - and informed selections make for better eating.

Better Than Some Others

While not every sandwich at any restaurant rates as being totally healthy, McDonald's over all, rates about average in three areas: that of calories, fats, and carbs. Many of their other products such as their hamburgers, chicken, and fish sandwiches are about average, in calories, and carbs.

The meat item on McDonalds nutrition facts list that has the highest amount of calories is their Premium Selects Premium Breast Strips (10 pcs). It has 1,270 calories - not exactly the best choice for dieters.

The Family Deal

Now let’s select a family – say, a family of four. There is the dad, mom, their teen girl and teen son. They are on a long trip and its time to eat. Each of them has different wants – and needs. Let’s see what each of them can have.

For Dad

He considers himself to be a sportsman, and so he is looking for something with a lot of meat. But he also, from too much work, and too little exercise – needs to keep the calories down a little bit. He’s not going to pig out.

He orders the Big and Tasty with cheese, a medium fries, and a medium Coke. Its big enough to fill him up, and conservative enough on the calories that it should give him what he needs without being in too much excess. Still, not real light, it’s just less than 1100 calories, and should fill him up comfortably.

For Mom

She watches her diet and is careful of what she eats. She has learned what is on the lean side of the menu, and orders the Bacon Ranch Salad (with chicken), with Newman's Own® Low Fat Balsamic Vinaigrette, and a small Sprite. He meal comes to a total of 560 calories – not bad considering its not even a diet Coke).

For The Teen Girl

Not a very big eater, and watching her figure all the time, she orders the Mc Chicken Sandwich, a fruit ‘n yogurt parfait, and a small Sprite. Her meal, then is a total of about 720 calories, and should not be a bad reflection on her.

The Teen Son

He is definitely walking in the steps of dear old dad. He is hungry and really does not care who is watching. Definitely is not going to be influenced by his older sister, but needs to cut out a few calories because of watching the TV a little too much.

Mom limits his order and helps him to eat smart. With her advice he orders the Chicken Selects Premium Breast Strips (3pc), a medium french fry, and a small Coke. This put his meal at about 900 calories. Being a meat lover, like his dad, he liked this option much better than the salads.

Each of them was satisfactorily filled. No, not stuffed, and they knew to stay away from the double sizes. The McDonalds nutrition facts will continue to help them to meet their nutritional desires.

The McDonalds nutrition facts are available for everyone to be able to make wise decisions concerning what they eat, and they are seeking to bring new products to their customers that are more in line with the dietary needs of the times.

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