Acai Berry

Benefits of Pure Acai Berry

The food of the moment is the acai berry. With the rate that the people are consuming junk foods and joining slimming classes I think the best would be to just switch to a meal of acacias. This will keep you healthy and will also help you lose weight.

Benefits of Pure Acai Berry

If you talk about the history of the food then you will find that for centuries this food has been consumed and been a major part of the diet of the Amazon dwellers. The fruit to them is a multipurpose natural product because it serves many purposes at al times. It is used as medicine, to make medicine and as a food. The detoxifying property of the fruit is the basic reason behind its being used as a medicine. Thus it is a cleanser along with being edible. However these are not its only powers, just read on to find more about this little power packed berry which has taken the western world in a storm.

The berry is full of antioxidants. Antioxidants are chemicals that are found in eatables that are naturally dark in color. In fact the dark color of the fruit or the vegetable is the indicator of the presence of anti oxidants in them since the antioxidants are responsible for the dark color. The main antioxidants which give this dark color chemical belong to the group polyphenol. The exact chemical is known as anthocyanin. Fruits like blueberries and grapes are rich in polyphenols but none like acai berries. These berries have the highest content of polyphenols, anthocyanins, as has been found till date.

You may ask why antioxidants are so useful to the human body. Let me tell you that antioxidants are such potent chemicals that they can prevent diseases like cancer and strengthen our immune system to make it defensive against any acute disease. They also prevent you from looking old. Is it not amazing? Want to know how? Well I am sure that you have heard or the free radicals that roam around in our cells and accelerate ageing and signs of ageing in the body. Well the antioxidants will demolish your free radicals and keep you looking younger than your years. But that is not all that it does because it also helps in the protection of the eyes, sharpens mental activity and gives one the feeling of being very well.

But still the functions of acai berries have not ended because they also provide the body with phytonutrients that destroy pathogens and cancer causing agents along with mutagens that harm our body internally. Thus it strengthens your immune system from easy invasion by disease causing viruses and bacteria. So think about it, one berry and so many advantageous uses; it is really amazing. I hope that you too start using the benefits of the berry on your body and get well soon.

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