Prostate Vitamins - Vitamins for Prostate Health

There are nutrients and vitamins that have cancer-fighting powers. Greenstein, a protein present in Soya and its products is such a Prostate vitamin.

Vitamins are important for prostate protection, treatment and prevention of cancer.

Prostate is the bladder that encircles the urethra (the tube that evicts urine) The sperm of the male is nourished and transported through the prostatic fluid. When men age, prostrate enlarges, causing pressure on urethra. It acts like a clamp on a water hose.

Risk factors

Cancer of the prostate is a major RISK in men. The incidence increases after fifty. The longer a man lives beyond 80, the greater his chance of succumbing to prostate cancer. There is also the benign condition - prostatic hypertrophy (BPH). It occurs when the prostate gland is enlarged and begins to press upon the urethra, causing bladder discomfort and many unwanted trips to the bathroom.

Contributory factors

High fat diet low in fruits fibers and vegetables make for high risk. Another factor is the mutant hormone DHT. It attacks the prostate tissue and causes it to become diseased!

When fat is cooked, it releases free radicals that are released into cells; they attack the nucleus and DNA molecules. DNA governs the activity of each cell. Thus, oxygen can be very damaging to our cells when present in the "free radical" form.

This is where the Prostate Vitamins enter. NOW, THE GOOD NEWS

This Good news is that Prostate illness can be combated and even conquered. Body needs multivitamin and antioxidant .Vitamins shields the prostate from toxins and other cellular invaders .B2 and folic acids are needed in de oxy ribo nucleic acid in the body's cells. Vitamin A and its Precursor Beta Carotene are powerful antioxidants that destroy free radicals.

The role of Vitamins

Vitamins are a major group of nutrient. They regulate chemical reactions in the body that converts food into energy and living tissues. The body's vitamin requirements are expressed in terms of, RDA (recommended dietary allowances) Daily recommended doses of vitamins assists the circulatory and cardio vascular to be more efficient. Along with health supplements, it facilitates cellular detoxification and reduces oxidative stress.

Nutrition rich in prostate Vitamins includes brown rice, fresh raw fruits, juices, legume raw nuts and seeds; whole grains. They are rich in Prostate Vitamins. Garlic enhances immune function; helps to break down testosterone; it slows cancer cell growth.

Vitamins Deficiency

Some vitamins are produced in the body, in the intestine, by bacteria: biotin, niacin, pentatonic acid, Vitamin D and K. Niacin helps convert Carbohydrate into energy. Some times the production is insufficient and needs to be supplemented. Deficiency results in "Deficiency diseases". Lack of one vitamin may interfere with the function of another. That is why Diet supplementary is necessary.

Thus, vitamins support good prostate health .B vitamins are necessary for proper cell division, improved circulation, building of red blood cells, and in liver function. Vitamins are catalysts in the body. They Increase the speed of chemical reaction essential for health. Without vitamins reactions are slow or none at all. Many vitamins are also naturally occurring. Shark Cartilage inhibits tumor growth and stimulates the immune system. Lycopene lowers the risk of developing prostate cancer.

Prostate vitamins are naturally available

Vitamins flush out the dangerous toxins causing prostate disorders for men of the susceptible group.

Vitamins B6, E, and D have anti-inflammatory effects and support a healthy prostate. Deficiency in zinc and Vitamin D causes prostate disease.

Vitamin E is a powerful anti0xdant and it protects against prostate cancer. Vitamin C with Bioflavonoid is proven as anticancer agent. It inhibits the spread of prostate cancer. Many plant extracts like lycopene and boron alleviate prostate discomfort, protect and maintain its healthy function. Standardized pumpkin seed and pure strain palmetto extract, has been studied; it is indicated to maintain healthy prostate function, even when taken by itself. This extract is an alpha-adrenergic receptor inhibitor, reducing urinary urgency and inflammatory actions in the prostate gland. A tree called "African Bark", is the most active constituent of pygeum which is effective in interfering with the formation of prostaglandins that cause swelling in the prostate. Pygeum root also has an effect on the proteins that carry sex hormones, and balances hormone levels that affect prostate function. Pygeum enhances healthy prostaglandin function, which helps keep the prostate gland healthy and alleviates prostate discomfort.

Daily Bio Basics

A, B vitamins and zinc assure wide-spectrum mineral support, and make that critical addition to crucial body functions.

Administered under physician's directive, Vitamins are sure to successfully combat illness relating to Prostate.

While surgical, radial and other interventionist therapies are available, nutrition therapy is by far the best early diagnosis.

In addition, following prescribed diet rich in vitamins support good prostrate health. Prostate Vitamins are thus the wonder medicines for the middle aged.

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