Acai Berry Power 500 Reviews By People Who Bought It

The offer Acai Berry Power 500 has expired. But, it has been replaced by even better offer - Acai Burn (which gives you a free trial as well).

But, the free trial offer might expire very soon like it did of Acai Berry Power 500. So, go grab it till it's there.

Acai Berry Power 500 Reviews

“I think it’s working so far. I haven’t had as much of an appetite as I used to since I started taking it, and I have more energy than usual. I used to get really tired in the middle of the day and I would take a 45 minute nap, but I haven’t really gotten tired until bedtime lately, so I’m pretty happy.” Marlene Wilson

“I got the free trial for the Acai Berry Power 500 just to try it out, and so far I am pretty happy with the results. I decided I would take the supplement as I was supposed to, and I would walk a mile every morning and another mile in the evening, as well as try my best to stay away from junk food and fast food. I have definitely noticed a difference in my weight and energy since I have been doing this. I will definitely keep it up and hopefully continue to lose weight and feel more energetic throughout the day.” Janet Charleson

“I’ve been taking the Acai Berry Power 500 for a little while now. I know the acai berry itself has many benefits for your health and it has lots of antioxidants, fatty acids, amino acids, phytonutrients, minerals and vitamins, which is really good. A friend of mine drinks acai berry juice and she has lost a good amount of weight. I don’t have much body fat on me so I can’t lose much, but I definitely have more energy now that I take the supplement and I feel healthier and don’t seem to be hungry as often!” Jason Lupo

“I got the trial in the mail like 3 weeks ago or so and I have taken it since. So far I have lost about 11 pounds. I think the product is pretty awesome.” Ed Sivula

“My dad takes the Acai Berry Power 500 because it helps him shed a little bit of extra weight, and it actually seems to calm his nerves and relax him a little bit.” Danny Blake

“So far I feel like I have more energy and I feel the urge to be more active. I have taken Acai Berry Power 500 since I ordered the free trial, and it’s been like 2 weeks now. I think I am going to order another bottle.” Frankie Anderson

“I don’t like ordering stuff like this from the internet, but once a friend of mine did and told me she liked the results, I decided I had nothing to lose by trying the free trial offer. I got my order pretty quickly and I’ve been taking them every day and my energy has increased a lot! My metabolism is faster and I feel much better overall, like I am younger or something. It has also given me the energy to start jogging a few times a week, which can only help more.” Debora McKinely

I haven’t taken the Acai Berry 500 pills, but I have had juice that was mainly acai berry, and it did give me more energy. I can’t say I really lost any weight or had an miracles or anything, but I don’t have any extra weight to lose. The juice was good, and I did make a habit of drinking it on a regular basis. I also drank the juice daily while I was on vacation overseas and I didn’t get any stomach problems, which I usually do when I travel.” Shawn Loreco

“I got the trial offer of the Acai Berry Power 500 after I saw Oprah and Rachel Ray talk about it a lot. So far it has been pretty good. I have always exercised a little bit, but the Acai gives me more energy and I think it is burning more fat than the exercise does on its own. I really like it!” Tatiana Henderson

“I have a ton more energy than I used to since I started taking this stuff… It’s awesome.” Kevin Mackinson

“To be honest, no herb or supplement will make you lose weight without diet and exercise unless it is a banned and illegal drug. That being said, the Acai Berry Power 500 will really HELP you lose weight if you exercise and eat right. If you are eating bad food and not making your body work it off, you will just store fat. But if you are taking this stuff while being healthy, it will enhance the results and boost your metabolism.” Pete Stevensen

“I drink the Acai juice quite often, and it helps detox my body of all the bad stuff, and it gives me a ton of essential vitamins and nutrients. It has also given me a big boost in energy throughout the day, and it helps me get my work done. I can’t say it’s a magic product, but I would definitely recommend you add it to your diet and exercise routine.” Nathan Russo

“I’ve used the Acai Berry Power 500 for awhile now. I got the free trial, and then ordered a full order. It has helped me a lot in my mission to lose weight.” Vicki Dean

“I spent a year taking different vitamins and supplements and all kinds of stuff trying to lose the weight hanging around my mid and lower-mid section. It is only about 20 lbs but it sure stood out. I got the trial of Acai Berry Power 500 and it helped me lose the weight! I must say that it can only help you, it can’t do all the work for you (nothing can), but I was walking every morning before work, as it was the only time I had free in the day, and I lost most of the fat within like 5 weeks.” Christopher Donald

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The offer Acai Berry Power 500 has expired. But, it has been replaced by even better offer - Acai Burn (which gives you a free trial as well).

But, the free trial offer might expire very soon like it did of Acai Berry Power 500. So, go grab it till it's there.

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