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Hello there, my name is Jane and I created this page to WARN YOU about any fake Wu-Yi teas that exist out there.

Just a few months ago, I was thirty pounds overweight. I really wanted to lose some weight. I know what potential health risks and problems can happen when you are overweight in addition to how unappealing I looked. So, I set my goal of losing thirty pounds and I was going to stick with it this time. 

Wu Yi Tea Reviews

To start with, I RESEARCHED various diet products. Along the way, I happened to find Wu-Yi tea and it seemed like the perfect way to lose weight. All I had to do was to drink a few cups of tea each day and lose weight. However, I was wrong. I made my first purchase through an online auction website.

Within a few days my tea arrived and I drank my first cup. The taste was good and I didn't mind adding it to my daily schedule. However, after two weeks I wasn't noticing any results. I wasn't really worried since two weeks isn't a lot of time and I decided to give it another week or two. After two more weeks, I had lost only about two or three pounds, but I was quite disappointed in the product.

I figured I just got some low quality tea. After all I got it cheap through an online auction website. I figured there was some hope if I found something a little more potent since I did lose two to three pounds. So, I went online again and researched some places where I could buy this tea. I found myself linked to an online tea shop. They offered a high quality tea that was supposed to be very effective for weight loss. I added this tea to the shopping cart and placed my first order. In about a week my package arrived.

This tea tasted exceptional, even better than the last one. But I still wondered if it would work. I started out drinking about two to three cups a day. This time I lost about four pounds within the first two weeks and the tea was looking promising. I hadn't changed my exercise plan or my diet patterns. I always try to include exercise like a walk or short jog and I was still doing this after drinking the tea. After a month I found another pound was gone. This tea was looking really good, but then in the second two weeks it seemed to taper off. So I figured it might be some kind of placebo. I was determined and I wasn't giving up hope.

I went online once again when my tea was running out. I decided to try buying from someone else yet again. This is when I made an amazing discovery during my research. The authentic Wu Yi tea is only found in China and only grown on a specific mountain, Wu Yi Shan. This location has limited access. So I realized that previously I was buying just cheap imitations of the real thing. 

So I started looking for the authentic tea. I finally found a Wu Yi source. Of course I was a little skeptical at first since I had already been taken advantage of twice. However, this website had a free trial offer. So I filled out the form to see if I could get a free sample. This deal seemed perfect since I could see if it was better than the other teas without paying anything. Thankfully I was eligible.

In about a week I received my tea. Surprisingly, I got not only the tea but a book on "Wu Yi 12 Week Weight Loss Success Guide" as well. I read about this guide on their website but I had forgotten about it. This guide contained some powerful weight loss tips that I had never seen before. After reading this guide I knew I was going to add some of the ideas they had to my daily routine. While I would love to share some of these tips with you they really go with the tea so you should have the full package in order to achieve weight loss success.

At the time of writing this I have been drinking the tea from Wu Yi Source for about two months and I've almost lost the thirty pounds I wanted to lose. So far I've lost twenty-two pounds with just eight more to go. This tea is definitely potent and of much greater quality than I had before. Although it probably wasn't just the tea that helped me lose weight. The Wu Yi Tea and the secret tips from the guide go hand in hand. This is why I love this weight loss system. It gives you the complete package and it's not a magical pill that fails to deliver of a weight loss promise.

So this is the full story. Don't go for the cheap imitators. Rather go to Wu Yi Source for a free trail. You won't be disappointed!

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