Yohimbe Information and its Effect


Yohimbe is used in almost the same way as Viagra. Both these items are used in an attempt to help heighten the sexual pleasure that both people can have when they are having sex. It is important to understand that Yohimbe is not used to help a male gain and keep an erection during the course of having sex. Instead Yohimbe is used as more of an aphrodisiac and can heighten the amount of sexual pleasure that each person will feel when they are having sexual intercourse with each other. Yohimbe is found in the inner bark from a West African Tree although it originally came from South Africa it is now more commonly known to come from West Africa. But it seems that Yohimbe is used for more then just achieving sexual pleasure it has been shown that taking this herb can result in reducing your anxiety as well as helping to prevent the user having any heart attacks. Yohimbe can also help build muscles and can also help the body in many other ways thanks to the positive effect that this herb has on the human body. If you do suffer from depression then taking this herb in small doses can help you feel less depressed and this herb can help you become more mentally active.

Facts on Yohimbe

Yohimbe is used best when mixed with other herbs such as ginseng and also saw palmetto. These herbs have been known to boost the power of Yohimbe and this can result in a positive change in your body. Your depression will decrease and your sexual please will increase thanks to the powerful impact that this herb does have on your body. If you mix this herb with anything that contains tyramines then you will lose the power of this herb and this will then have a negative impact on your body. Also if you take high doses of Yohimbe then you are going to get side effects such as hallucinating and also a increase in your blood pressure, obviously these are bad side effects and therefore you should never exceed the recommended allowance of this drug. If you do not know much about this herb then you will find out that a safe dose is usually in the region of 18mg to 100mg per day. While side effects for this herb are rare it is still important that you do not exceed the recommended daily allowance and also it is important that you keep to a safe amount of this drug to avoid any kind of repercussions. All these points do go to show that Yohimbe is able to do a lot more if mixed with the right herbs. You can enjoy more sexual pleasure and also you can work positively on your body, if you use this herb in the right way then you can achieve maximum results from just a few weeks. However that does not mean that you should buy high amounts of Yohimbe just because it could work because there are a lot of people that have suffered from heavy side effects when using this herb. There are some side effects that include difficulty breathing, erratic blood pressure from using too much of this herb and also there have been cases when a patient has been temporarily paralyzed in both legs because of using this herb. If you are using this drug for sexual pleasure then it has been known that it can cause a painful sustained erection because of improper use. There are also less severe side effects that include vomiting, increased urine production and also dizziness. If this herb is not treated with proper care when it is being used then this can result in problems for the patient.

Summary of Yohimbe

While there are a lot of people that claim they have successfully used Yohimbe there is also a high number of people that have also experienced bad side effects when they have been using this herb. This herb is not to be taken lightly if you are going to use it then you have to take extreme care when doing so after all it is highly likely that you will suffer from either the minor or more severe side effects when you are taking this herb. If you are unsure about whether to take this herb or not then do not take it at all. It is important that you look after yourself and it is equally important that you do not over dose on this herb.

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