5 Nutrients That Are Affected After the Gastric Bypass

You may feel dizzy, nauseas and lack an appetite after your gastric bypass surgery. If these continue for some time, you are most likely to be suffering from nutrient deficiency.

As many of you might know, in gastric bypass, the upper part of the small intestine, from where the nutrients get absorbed into your body, is bypassed and your body loses its earlier capacity to absorb all the required nutrients from the food you consume. Therefore, you must eat food rich in nutrients and take supplements to avoid deficiency.

Given below are the nutrients that are more common to be diagnosed for deficiency in your body after the surgery:

Vitamins B and D

After the gastric bypass, you will be prone to vitamin deficiency. You will have low Vitamin B-12 in your body since the cells producing hydrochloric acid are reduced during surgery. This acid aids in the absorption of Vitamin B-12 into your body. This surgery also causes thiamin, folate and Vitamin D deficiency as the food bypasses your small intestine, which absorbs these into your body. You will be prescribes sublingual Vitamin B-12 and D supplements, a multivitamin and calcium citrate to tackle the deficiencies.


Vitamin D aids calcium absorption in your body. In case you suffer from Vitamin D deficiency after the bypass surgery, your body will start suffering from Calcium deficiency. If you do not have enough Calcium in your body, it will start affecting your bone structure and you will end up with osteoporosis. You can consume calcium citrate to correct this.


Your body’s protein amount should be the first thing you need to determine after the gastric bypass surgery. Ensure that you are getting adequate amounts of protein before eating other food and supplements. If you are a woman, you must take in at least 65 grams of proteins per day while for men it is 70- 80 grams.

You can start with protein supplements and later shift to getting your daily dose of protein from food sources. Some of the best known and tasty protein products in the market are Syntrax Nectar supplements. These are really your best bet if you’re tired of tasteless protein products that do not match with your taste buds at all. 


It is important to keep carbohydrate in your diet but it is essential that you monitor its amount. If you eat too much of simple white sugar, you may suffer from dizziness, nausea, sweating, which are symptoms of the “dumping syndrome”. You must avoid consuming carbohydrates more than 15—30 grams per serving. Avoid food that are sugary and contain corn syrup or other carbohydrates as its top three ingredients.


The body loses its ability to absorb iron after the surgery. To avoid iron deficiency, start taking iron gluconate, fumarate and chelate. You must take a small dose of these daily, but increase it, if you suffer from anemia. You can take multivitamins to avoid zinc deficiency.

These nutrients get affected due to the change in the digestive tract as well as the reduced food consumption post surgery. If you take care to have a diet rich in these nutrients and have supplements of these you can correct it.

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