Vitamin C Overdose

Vitamin C (ascorbic acid) has been one of the most popularly used vitamins for decades, partially due to its wide range of health benefits, and partially because it has always been considered a safe vitamin with no adverse affects. But doctors are now saying that the chances of a Vitamin C Overdoses are possible, and that not all of the consequences are minor.

Who’s at Risk for a Vitamin C Overdose

Generally speaking, anyone who takes Vitamin C regularly is at risk for a Vitamin C overdose. But this is not to say that those who use the vitamin definitely will overdose on it; the amount of Vitamin C that people regularly take is the determinate factor in who is most likely to overdose.

60-75mg of Vitamin C a day is the recommended daily dosage for those who feel they benefit from the vitamin. People can take up to about 1000mg safely, however; what is not absorbed and used by the body will be flushed out in the urine, so taking more than the recommended daily dosage is pointless. But this is not to say that over consumption of the vitamin does not do damage before it is excreted. People who regularly take more than 1000mg of vitamin C a day are more at risk for a Vitamin C Overdose than those who take less than 1000mg per day.

Those who take other vitamin and nutrition supplements are considered most “at risk” for a Vitamin C Overdose, as overdoses typically depend most on the other vitamins that ascorbic acid interacts with.

Existing Health Conditions that can cause a Vitamin C Overdose

If you have a muscle sprain, a bruise, an inflammatory disease or if you take iron supplements, consuming more than 100 mg per day of vitamin C may cause a Vitamin C Overdose resulting in an unusual health problem, according to a study by University of Florida researchers. In that study, researchers found that patients with the above-mentioned conditions had accumulated rust deposits inside their bodies, as a result of the vitamin combining with the iron that these conditions naturally produce. The effects are still being researched, but in many cases, this Vitamin C Overdose symptom can be fatal.

Additionally, medical studies have shown that people with chronic copper deficiencies can experience a number of adverse effects from a Vitamin C Overdose. This effect typically takes form as chronic conjunctivitis, and has a number of long term effects on overall health and well being.

Minor Symptoms of Vitamin C Overdose

Vitamin C Overdose can take form in a number of ways. If you are currently taking Vitamin C, and notice any of the following symptoms, decrease your dosage immediately, as these are all minor signs of a small Vitamin C Overdose:

  • Nausea
  • Strong smelling Urine
  • Mouth ulcers
  • Gas
  • Bloating
  • Upset stomach

Diarrhea is also a sign that you are taking too much Vitamin C; however, doctors suggest using this sign to gauge your absolute maximum Vitamin C intake. Diarrhea resulting from excessive amounts of Vitamin C is considered just below potentially dangerous levels, and can actually result in certain health benefits such as a lowered risk of colon cancer.

Major Symptoms of Vitamin C Overdose

Recent studies have suggested that there are a number of health related problems that can occur as the result of too much Vitamin C consumption, contrary to popular belief. This is especially true for people who take more than 6000mg a day, or those who take additional supplements along with high doses of Vitamin C. Major Symptoms of a dangerous Vitamin C Overdose include:

  • Kidney stones
  • Vitamin B-12 deficiencies
  • Copper deficiencies
  • Increased need for oxygen

If you experience or notice any of these symptoms, discuss your Vitamin C intake with your doctor immediately. Do not alter your dosage on your own, though. Dramatically altered levels of Vitamin C in the body can result in numerous health hazards.

Long Term Problems Due to Vitamin C Overdose

Vitamin C Overdose might not result in immediate death, but the long term problems that a Vitamin C Overdose can instigate can result in premature death. A list of serious long term problems caused by Vitamin C Overdoses includes:

  • Acute Right-Sided Conjunctivitis
  • Kidney Diseases
  • Diabetes
  • Hypoglycemia

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