Vitamin K - Anti-haemorrhagic Vitamin

Vitamin K is a fat-soluble vitamin. It is essential for the production of protein called prothrombin and other factors involved in the blood-clotting mechanism. Hence it is known to prevent haemorrhages.

Vitamin K exists in nature in two forms. Vitamin K1, originally isolated from lucrene (alfalfa), is the only form that occurs in plants. It is a yellow oil, soluble in fat solvents, but only slightly soluble in water. Vitamin K2 has been found to be produced by many bacteria.

Vitamin K is not easily destroyed by light, heat, or exposure to air. It is, however, destroyed by strong acids, alkalis, and oxidising agents, X-rays and radiation, frozen foods, aspirin, air pollution, and mineral oil are other factors that can destroy vitamin K.

Studies of the liver stores of vitamin K indicate that approximately 50% of the vitamin comes from the diet and 50% from bacterial production in the intestines. Vitamin K is absorbed along with fat in the diet. Bile is essential for its absorption. The absorbed vitamin passes through the lymphatic system to the general circulation. The liver stores appreciable amounts of this vitamin. There is hardly any excretion of vitamin K by the body.

Recommended Daily Allowance - Vitamin K
Men 70-140 mcg
Women 70-140 mcg
Children 35-75 mcg
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