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Arginine - Increases Male Sex Drive

Arginine - Increase Male Sex Drives

Arginine is an essential amino acid. It is obtained from food during the growth period, but can subsequently be manufactured by the body. Eighty per cent of the male seminal fluid is made of arginine, hence, it is known as the 'fatherhood' amino acid. At present there is no accurate scientific evidence about the recommended daily allowance of Arginine. (If you are looking for male enhancement, you should also definitely checkout SizeGenetics and ProSolution.)

Arginine is needed for the formation of proteins such as collagen and elastin, and vital substances such as haemoglobin, insulin, and glucagon.

Arginine Benefits - Functions in the Body

Arginine is essential for normal growth and proper functioning of the immune system in the body. It is broken down into ornithine and urea and is, therefore, a vital part of the urea cycle in the liver, which is the main route of detoxification and elimination of urea.

Arginine Benefits

Arginine is useful in some cases of male sterility. A supplementary use of arginine minimises post-wound weight loss and accelerates wound healing. Animal experiments have indicated that an extra intake of dietary arginine brings down cholesterol levels in the blood, atherosclerosis, and narrowing of the blood vessels. An increased intake in the diet can also lead to an increase in weight and muscle mass. The dosages suggested in this particular programme are 2 g on an empty stomach before retiring, and 2 g on an empty stomach one hour prior to vigorous exercise.

Arginine, along with methionine and glycine, forms the building blocks of creatine, a protein that is needed for making energy in your muscles and for muscle growth. Based on the logic that if you eat more of the building blocks you'll make more of the protein, some bodybuilders and athletes take supplements of all three. Straight creatine supplements are now also very popular. But, they work like just eating a well-balanced diet.

Arginine may also be helpful for stimulating your immune system, healing wounds, and slowing the growth of cancer. One reason may be that arginine stimulates your thymus, the small gland in your upper chest that produces an important kind of infection fighting white blood cell.

Arginine Food Sources

Arginine Food Sources

Major food sources of arginine are peanuts, cashew nuts, piyal seeds, water melon seeds, and walnuts. This amino acid is found in most vegetables, especially green and root vegetables. Arginine exists in a free state in such plants as garlic and ginseng.

Arginine Supplements

Arginine Deficiency Symptoms

Arginine Deficiency Symptoms

Lack of arginine reduces the sex impulse and can cause impotence. A prolonged deficiency is not only harmful to the immunological system but can also result in disordered carbohydrate metabolism.

Arginine Side Effects - Precautions

Arginine Side Effects

Several weeks of supplementation in mature adults may cause reversible thickening and coarsening of the skin. Arginine is contraindicated in cases of herpes simplex infections according to a number of authorities. Foods rich in arginine should therefore be avoided by patients with such viral infections.

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