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Raw Glandular Therapy

What are glands?

Glands form part of the endocrine system. The pituitary gland under the brain controls all the other glands in the body. Glands control how fast you grow, how your body burns food for energy and other bodily functions. Glands produce chemical secretions or excretions that regulate bodily functions. The whole body suffers when they malfunction. The underlying theory in Glandular Therapy is that by ingesting glandular material from a certain animal gland, the corresponding human gland will work better. Glandulars also refer to other organ parts of the body that are taken as supplements, including extract from the heart, spleen, pancreas and liver.


Glandular Therapy has a history that goes back as far as the Ancient Greeks and the still forms part of traditional Chinese medicine. It was widely used until research stopped with the race in finding antibiotics to fight bacteria. Dr. Keuttner introduced cell therapy in 1912 whereby glands are either surgically implanted, or chopped and dissolved in a saline solution that is injected in the patient. It was years later before his recommendation was put in action. Dr. Niehan had a patient in 1931 that could not receive a surgical implant so he made a saline solution of the parathyroid gland from an ox, which he injected into the patient. He discovered that the injection worked better than an implant would have.

He continued to inject live cells into thousands of patients. During the 1980’s a process developed whereby a pre-treatment with vitamins, minerals, enzymes and amino acids are combined with live cell injection.

How does it work?

The main objective of Glandular Therapy is to bring renewal of healthy activity in aged and damaged cells by supplying the natural cell stimulators from the tissue of the corresponding organ from another animal such as an ox. Beef and pork sources are mostly used.

Processing Methods

There are four main methods of processing namely azeotrophic, salt, freeze-drying and predigesting.

Azeothrophic Method

The material is quick freezed at a temperature below 0 degrees F and is then washed to remove fatty acids. It is then dried, powdered and made available in capsules. The benefits of the fatty acids are lost through this process.


The fresh grandulars are macerated in a salt solution. The salt content is high and some of the beneficial contents are removed.

Freeze Drying

The glandular are freezed and the water removed. This method is the best but only fresh glandular products free from infections and antibiotics should be used.


Plant and animal enzymes are used to help partially digest the glandular products. It is then filtered and freeze-dried.

There are several glandulars that are used in Glandular Therapy:

  1. Heart tissue extract helps to regenerate damaged heart tissue.
  2. Liver concentrate provides strength and endurance. It also helps to fight diseases.
  3. Prostrate extract stimulates better sexual performance.
  4. Pancreatic concentrate aids in food digestion and to help the pancreas to produce enzymes.
  5. Stomach concentrate stimulates healing in the stomach and helps to absorb Vitamin B12.
  6. Thymus extract restores and enhances the immune system.
  7. Lung concentrate restores damage lung tissue.
  8. Adrenal extract aids in coping with stress, better sexual performance and handling infections.
  9. Thyroid extract prevents waste and speeds up restoration.
  10. Spleen extract improves white the blood cell count and is an immune enhancing agent.

The main benefit of Glandular Therapy includes:

  1. The supply of nutrients
  2. Supply of raw materials for regeneration

Products from plants can also provide the nutrients supplied by Glandular Therapy.

  1. Cedar is used to stimulate pancreatic function.
  2. Echinacea supports the kidneys, liver, spine and pancreas.
  3. Chicory supports the liver function.
  4. Hydrangea and parsley supports the kidneys.
  5. Olive oil with lemon and apple juice stimulates the gallbladder to get rid of bile.
  6. Gentian helps to restore the thyroid function.

Glandular Therapy is a cost-effective and safe alternative to surgery and provides the human body with needed regeneration over a short period. It is helpful when the body’s nutrient supply is depleted and the glands are not able to function properly. When this happens the balance can be restored through the therapy or by taking nutrient supplements.

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