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Fruit and Flush Vegetable Diet

Fruit diet is a good (or better) alternative to other forms of food such as cooked or fried food. Fruits provide the body with so many nutrients. These include numerous forms of vitamins and energy. Fruits get into the body more quickly. This is because fruits among other things are simple sugar.

Fruit and Flush Vegetable Diet

But the view that its entry into the body is quicker than complex carbohydrate is incorrect. This view shared by many people is wrong. Blood Glucose Response Table, which is a guide to diabetics, has it that beans, bread, white potatoes and brown rice break down to glucose in the bloodstream quicker than fruit.

The sugar usually present in all fruit fructose is the mildest to get into the bloodstream. This is because it requires the smallest amount of insulin.

Due to the digestive enzyme, alpha-amylase found in human saliva, complex carbohydrates melt in the mouth into simple sugars. Example, fifty percent of the starch of a slice of an entire wheat bread munched changes into glucose before it reaches the stomach.

But fruit has the ability to retain energy without overlaboring the pancreas for the production of insulin. Therefore it is a better source of fuel for the body. Insulin is not needed for fructose to break down. It is gradually assimilated through the lower intestinal wall.

Protected simple sugar is the best source of energy for the body. These simple sugars are present in fruits. Lacking the natural fibers to make slower the rate of assimilation, maple syrup, molasses and honey are unprotected sugars. Thus what is stationed into the soft fibers of fresh fruit is the most suitable fuel for the cells.

It is mild, gradually releasing , energy – retaining, comprising of vitamins, water- soluble proteins, minerals , enzymes and minor elements. These nutrient elements combine with the fructose molecule as the blood transports the fructose to all the cells. This process allows the nutrients to be quickly assimilated and used immediately.

Fructose molecules behave as a distribution system to the cells. Starch comprises of sugar molecules. They break down into simple sugar through digestion.

Bread, fruits, rice, potatoes and beans are broken down into glucose. White flour and white sugar are the same fuel to the body. Among all these foods, fruit demands the least digestion to make available the body's need for glucose fuel.

Raw potatoes which can be used in cure of stomach ulcers is denied its curing system through cooking . This is because it becomes mucus – forming . The white blood cells productions is doubled by the immune system.. The reaction is as if an uninvited guest has gained access to the blood.

Starchy food which is cooked requires strong acids to be converted into chime in the stomach and intestines for assimilation. Too much of acid does not do well on the immune system. One will experience the difference when he embarks on fruit feeding.

If one chooses fruit diet, let him eat much melons and non-acid fruits. Much of citrus fruits add to detoxification . It may cause diarrhea at the beginning but the body will et used to it as time goes on.

Fruit diet bring sensitivity just as if one is fasting. Many people find difficulty to observe fast because of the pain and stress. All fruit diet act as a detoxification program.

The importance of fruit diet is like that of juice fasting. In short, it is a good alternative to juice fasting. Eating a diet entirely of fruit requires more will power than fasting.

There are instances where people who have gone on many fasts find it very difficult if not impossible to achieve a long period of fruit diet. In the course of fasting, the digestive system ceases. Physically and psychologically one has decided not to eat.

This is not the case with fruit diet. The digestive system is fully busy and one nevertheless engages in eating. For people who are used to eating a densely concentrated diet of meat and starch, may often feel unsatisfied physically.

This is due to large amount of hydrochloric acid produced by the digestive system. This results in a discontented stomach for the first few days of a fruit diet program.

Fruit does not offer the weighty belly-wose feeling. It may be hard to believe but fruit diet is less in calories than juice fasting. Therefore, it results in deeper detoxification, because of the release of toxins. Having lessened the intake of calories for those first few days and the digestive system is busy and one may go through a terrible hunger.

A deliberate hunger in order to achieve a purpose is good for the health of an individual. Don't let hunger take control of you.

We can imagine the joy we derive in eating fresh guava, mango, water melon, pineapple among other body-enriching fruits. God has made available to us a variety of fruit of pleasant tastes.

The fragrance of these fruits is good enough to spur salivary glands that prepare the mouth to do the job.

Think of the colourful blueberry, the rosy grapes that give the body energy. It is frightening how people have taken heavy hamburgers and French fries as the bedrock of their diet.

Fruit does not cultivate such desires as salt, fat and sugar-filled processed foods do. It is not addictive and high percentage of it activates the mind and repairs the body.

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