About Calcium Supplements

Most often calcium supplements are available in 250-500 mg tablets. Here are different types of calcium supplements:

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The letters USP (U.S. Pharmacopeia) on the label indicate that the calcium in the product has met quality standards for dissolving within 30 minutes.

Most good multivitamins and mineral preparations include calcium. When combined with magnesium, the ratio should be twice as much calcium as magnesium.

How calcium helps our body?

Calcium is our body's most abundant mineral. Its primary function is to help build and maintain bones and teeth. Calcium is important to heart health, nerves, muscles and skin. Calcium helps control blood acid-alkaline balance, plays a role in cell division, muscle growth and iron utilization, activates certain enzymes, and helps transport nutrients through cell membranes. Calcium also forms a cellular cement called ground substance that helps hold cells and tissues together.

RDA of Calcium

Recommended Daily Allowance - Calcium
Men 1200 mg
Women 1200 mg
Children 800 mg
Infants 500 mg
Lactating Women 1200 mg
Preganant Women 1200 mg

More on Calcium Supplements

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