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Garlic herb picture

Garlic Herb Picture

Botanical Name: Allium sativum

Garlic, a pungently flavored biennial herb of the onion family, is one of the oldest herbs. It has irregular roots, condensed, flatened stem and narrow, flat leaves. Each garlic bulb is made up of a number of smaller bulbs or 'cloves', and it is these cloves which are separated and used in cooking. Garlic should be used sparingly, as the flavour can be rather over-powering.

Note: Any odour or smell of garlic on the breath can be largely removed by subsequently chewing a few springs of parsley or mint.

Garlic Benefits

Pushing Garlic's Powers

Most at-home cooks have figured out their personal favorite techniques for peeling and using garlic to perfect the taste of a dish. But there are still a few tricks to preparing the herb to enhance its health benefits.

Garlic's compounds are particularly volatile. Like an expensive wine, its fickle personality shifts depending on age, storage, handling, and preparation. Raw garlic will exhibit different properties than cloves cooked in last night's stir-fry. Only when garlic cloves are sliced, diced, mashed, or broken in some method do they release those powerful enzymes that combine to make the antioxidants responsible for its purported health benefits.

It takes time for garlic's disease fighters to arm themselves. One study showed that the sulfur compounds in the herb need 10 minutes to kick in once a clove is crushed or chopped. So, the next time you use garlic, keep this in mind and be sure to plan accordingly.

How to prepare Garlic Bread? - Recipe to make Garlic Bread


Peel cloves, chop finely, and crush with a knife, or put through a garlic press. Cream with the butter.

Cut the loaf into diagonal slices and spread each slice with some of the butter. Put loaf slices together again and wrap in foil to retain the loaf shape. Heat in a hot oven for 15 minutes. Serve while still warm with salad.

Garlic supplements or the real thing?

If you are committed to taking the herb, fresh is best: Garlic in its natural state is the most potent and complete version of the herb. If you are someone who is ultra sensitive to the herb, though - it gives you gas, heartburn, or even a rash - you may want to skip the fresh stuff and consider taking a supplement instead. There are many brands of odourless garlic oil capsules available in health food shops.

Garlic Side Effects - Precautions

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