Natural Herbs for impotence

Impotence, also known as erectile dysfunction, is the failure to reach erection or ejaculation. Reduced or inadequate blood circulation to the penis, because of narrow blood vessels in the groin or penis, causes impotence. It can take the form of premature ejaculation, inability to get or sustain an erection, failure to reach an orgasm, and loss of the sexual drive. Impotence can also be caused by stress, wrong diet such as fatty foods, radiation, low metabolism, medicine, drugs, smoking, alcohol, and psychological factors. Herbs for impotence can help to bring back the sexual drive and healthy erectile functions.

The most common Herbs for impotence treatment

Saw Palmetto

It is a small palm tree that grows in North America. Extracts from the berries of the Saw Palmetto is used to treat impotence, urinary tract dysfunctions, prevent balding, increase breast size, treat male fertility, build muscle tissues, and treat benign prostate glands.

Side effects

There are no reported side effects.


Use 160 to 320 mg per day.

Ashwaganda Root

The plant is similar to Asian Ginseng in reducing stress. It acts as an antioxidant, anti-stress and immune-boosting agent. The herb increases sex hormones and sperms as well as red blood cells.

Side effects

It is a very safe herb but can cause drowsiness. Don’t use it with sedative drugs.


Take 1mg per day over a long period to experience positive results in sperm production.

Asian Ginseng

Studies have shown that Asian Ginseng, also called Korean Red Ginseng is not only an aphrodisiac but also helps to cure male impotence. It stimulates nitric oxide that helps to widen blood vessels, thereby increasing blood flow to the penis. It has been used form more than 7000 years in Asian countries. The herb also increases sperm production.

Side effects

It may interfere with Warfarin, a blood-thinning drug. It may also affect the level of the androgens. Lessen the dosage if you experience headaches and heart palpitations.

Dosage Positive results are experienced over the long term. Take between 1000 to 2000mg per day. Take this herb under medical supervision.

Ginkgo Biloba

Ginkgo Biloba is one of top prescribed medicines in the world and one of the best Herbs for impotence treatment. The plant is also known as Maidenhair. The leaves have two lobs similar to the brain. It originated in China where it was used for a longer life, to improve sexual performance, give energy, improve memory and concentration, ease asthma, and improve blood circulation.

It improves blood flow to the brain and the rest of the body. This increases oxygen supply to all the body parts and ensures a longer and healthier life. Low metabolism and clogged blood vessels are causes of impotence. Ginkgo helps to cure impotence by increasing the metabolism and blood flow. Positive results begin to show after eight weeks.

Side effects

It can cause excessive bleeding, headaches, restlessness, diarrhea, and gastrointestinal discomfort. Consult your doctor before you use Ginkgo if you are using antidepressant drugs or aspirin, or have a heart condition. Lessen the dosage if you experience any side effects. Stop the use of Ginkgo if the side effects persist.


Take 240mg per day (three times 80mg) to increase blood flow to the penis and to reduce stress.

Muira Puama

It is one of the Brazilian Herbs for impotence treatment that is also used as an aphrodisiac. The root and bark of the shrub are rich in fatty acids, essential oils and plant sterols. The herb is used as a nerve stimulant, to cure rheumatism, kill hookworms and to reduce muscle paralysis. It increases the libido over the long term.

Side effects

There are no reported side effects or interactions with other drugs.


Drink one cup of Muira Pauma per day to cure impotence.


Extracts of the bark from the Yohimbe tree helps to cure impotence no matter what the cause. It is a bitter herb with aphrodisiac and anti-diuretic properties. It stimulates the heart rate and dilates the blood vessels for increased performance. It also reduces fatigue and urinary incontinence.

Side effects

Consult your doctor if you are using antidepressants, nervous system stimulants, clonidine, or medication to lower your blood pressure.


Take 15mg to 30mg per day to increase blood flow. Use the supplement under medical supervision.

Herbs for impotence treatment can restore a healthy libido and sexual performance. Most of the Herbs for impotence treatment are safe and you should experience little side effects if you follow the usage directions. Follow a healthy diet and reduce your intake of alcohol and drugs to get the best results from these herbs.

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