Best Herbs for Acne Skincare


Acne is a skin condition that a lot of teenagers will go through. While most of these teenagers will have their skin back to normal after a couple of years there are still people that have had to deal with some scars on their face that cannot be dealt with. That is the fear for a lot of people having to deal with acne scars after acne is actually gone. There are treatments that can be used for acne and it seems that the list of available treatments just keeps growing while some do work others will only work on a certain stage of acne. So if you do have severe acne then you will not be able to use a lot of treatments that are available for acne sufferers. However there is a treatment that is available for acne no matter what stage or severity your acne is and this treatment will always help to yield the results that you are trying to achieve and that treatment is herbal treatment. Herbs for acne have proven too many people that herbal treatment is defiantly the way to go when it comes to solving your acne troubles. When you are using herbs for acne you have to bear in mind that the liver is the most important organ for the body to combat acne. This is because the liver purifies the blood and can remove toxins and other hormones that are known to aggravate the acne. So if your liver is not working properly then you know that you are going to get acne. So to put two and two together you need to take herbs that will help strengthen the liver.

What Herbs to Take

There are a few herbs that can be taken to help you to combat acne. There are some other herbs that can be taken but they will not be as effective as others. Some of the most popular herbs that have been used to treat people with acne are yellow dock this works by stimulating bile and also gallbladder function. Also this yellow dock is also known as a blood purifier so as you can imagine this is very important to help treat acne. It seems that most of the herbs that are available for treatment towards acne are blood purifiers, the other herb that is used for acne treatment is called burdock and as you can imagine this is a very strong blood purifier and this herb is used by stimulating the livers function. If you are serious about getting your acne taken care of then you can take some Oregon grape, this is known to be a very protective liver protector and can help you a lot when you are dealing with acne. There are other herbs that can be used for acne but they are known to not be as effective as the other herbs like yellow dock. These other herbs are red clover and milk thistle. There are other herbs which are beneficial if you want to kill acne bacteria. However it can be just more then herbs that will be needed to help cure acne because there are other treatments available that are not herbal related. These can work but when it looks like the acne is gone it seems that it will just return again. However herbal treatment is known to take acne away and then keep it away. This herbs for acne treatment have been known to cure your acne in a couple of weeks and then you can return to your smooth skin.

Summary of Herbs for Acne

Herbs for acne treatment is a great way to ensure that your acne does disappear for good once it has been treated. However it will all depend on the type of herb that you use for your acne. All these herbs have been known to help cure your acne but each herb has different kinds of recovery speeds so it will all depend on the type of herb that you want to use for your treatment. It is important though that you do not rely on herbs alone to help you through your acne. You have to use other treatments as well as herbs.

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