The Power of Alkalinity



Do you understand the term 'alkalinity'? It is one of those words that seems to be floating around the Internet at the moment, and rightly so. The body has a pH balance - acid on one side, alkali on the other. You may remember studying pH at school with the Litmus paper strips - put them into the beaker of chemicals on your desk and it changed colour to let you know what the level of acidity was. Ideally the human body needs to be slightly alkali, but a lot of the food we eat turns our body into an acidic place.


Disesase Due to Alkalinity

When the body becomes too acidic it is a breeding ground for disease, the body slows down and the acid in the blood can eat away at artery walls! Can you remember being told that eating sugary sweets will rot your teeth? Sugar turns your body acidic, Acid eats teeth. This effect however runs across the whole spectrum of foods, a rule of thumb is that processed foods will leave your body in a more acidic state whilst natural organic foods will help you to achieve a healthy pH balance. It has been reckoned that a good ratio of alkali to acidic foods for balance is 4:1, bear this in mind the next time you are eating cake and drinking coffee!

Alkali Foods

Alkali Foods

Some foods are better than others at bringing your body over to an alkali state. Wheatgrass is a very potent superfood that can neutralise a lot of the acidity and raise your pH level once you have taken care of the acid. The taste of Wheatgrass actually improves as your acidity reduces, which gives you an indication of where you are on the acidity scale.

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