Flax Seed the Good Fat

Yes, there is most defiantly good fat and you need it for your body to function properly. Omega-3 essential fatty acids, these are the good guys and like everything in life you get the good and the bad.

Flax Seed

We must all make sure we get more of the good fats than the bad ones. Omega-3 essential fatty acids cannot be made by the body and must be included in our diet or supplemented. You can get it from fish oils, salmon, shark, mackerel herring and tuna, or take flax seed. If you grind up the flax seeds you will also get the benefit of the omega-3 essential fatty acids, along with a very good source of fibre.

If you suffer from any illness or like most of us you want a healthy pain free body at any age, and then just ask yourself one question; am I getting enough Omega-3 essential fatty acids?

There is a very good chance you are not, especially if you eat fast processed foods. These fast processed foods are becoming the standard American Diet, just take a look around and you will see over weight and obese people everywhere you look. If they were eating correctly they would not be like they are, but we look for the easy way of doing things and that includes food preparation. We have become lazy and do not want to spend time on preparation; however, if we want a healthy pain free body then we must get back to basics and only eat fresh organic fruit, vegetables and meat.

Flax Seed oil is without doubt, the best source of Omega-3 essential fatty acid, and another important fact, flax seed has the correct ratio of Omega-3 to Omega-6.

Nutritionally Perfect Flaxseed.

A nutritional analysis of this near miraculous food reveals that mankind could very nearly sustain life on a diet consisting wholly of flax seeds, get ready for some surprising facts.

Amino Acids

Amino Acids - Flaxseed offers all of the essential amino ­acids, the ones the body requires but cannot manufacture. Replenishing the building blocks of life (proteins) is a daily requirement. If just one essential amino acid is missing from the diet, the resulting protein deficiency can lead to serious disease.


Vitamins - Flaxseed is a rich source of the important fat-soluble vitamins: A, D, E, BI, B2, and C (water-soluble). This should not come as a surprise. These are the vitamins the body needs to efficiently process the essential fatty acids. Even sci­ence is beginning to recognize that nature seldom slips up.


Minerals - Flaxseed contains all the major minerals (potassium, phosphorus, magnesium, calcium, sulphur, iron, zinc, sodium, and chlorine) plus the important trace minerals (manganese, silicon, copper, fluorine, aluminum, nickel, cobalt, iodine, molybdenum, and chromium). If you recognize that selenium and vanadium are not listed, chalk it up to the fact that very likely the seeds were not tested for these only recently identified minerals.


Fibre - Flaxseed is considered an excellent source of fibre, required for healthy intestinal and colon functioning. Fiber assists in removing cholesterol, softens the stool, and relieves constipation.  The experts point out that a diet high in fiber helps cleanse the toxins from the blood and liver and goes a long way - toward improving the quality of life as we age.

Mucilage - The old-fashioned name for glue may have been mucilage, but that does not apply here. This gelatin-type substance reduces excess stomach acidity, soothes and lines the mucous membranes of the digestive and intestinal tracts (assur­ing a smooth trouble-free passage of stool), and helps move cho­lesterol along.  Because it acts to regulate the glucose content of the blood, mucilage is believed useful to the diabetic as well.

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