A Biochemist's View of the Benefits of Goji Berries

Still the benefits of Goji Berries are not confirmed by experiments but doctors and scientist are trying to confirm it. Many questions about it which are unanswered would be answered then.

The Amazing Antioxidants in Certain Juices

Benefits of Goji Berries would include the fact that it can be served as a rich source of antioxidants. In order to appreciate more, the Benefits of Goji Berries, a recent literature about the juice of a different fruit-- the juice of the pomegranate would be really helpful.

Amazing Antioxidant in Goji Berries

In the Bible, the pomegranate is referred to as gift from God . Perhaps the sacred Tibetan writings make similar allusions to the Benefits of Goji Berries . But new generation focuses less on sacred writings and more on medical information. It is generally found that berries and fruits high in antioxidants help the body to fight-off cancers. Thus Goji Berries have same ability to prevent formation of malignant tumors as the pomegranate has.

But doctors and physician will believe the Benefits of Goji Berries , only after detailed experimentation, lab research and clinical tests.

There was a report published in Los Angeles Times on August 8, 2005. According to it, the researchers have found through the experiments done on animals that pomegranate juice appeared to be a way to prevent prostate cancer. Thus, medical community is trying to verify this fact through rigorous experiments.

Perhaps those researchers will now move on from a study of pomegranate juice to a study of the Benefits of Goji Berries .Following the completion of lab studies, the medical community could then start to examine results from clinical tests with goji berries. But it is generally seen that the safety and effectiveness of dietary supplements is not normally tested as thoroughly as recognized medications. Thus we need to focus on this fact too and do a rigorous experimentation on Goji Berries.

For that reason, the accumulating information on the Benefits of Goji Berries still leaves many questions unanswered. What amount of berries should one eat in order to ingest a significant amount of antioxidants? Could ingestion of that many berries introduce yet a different medical problem? For example, what if a person found that he or she was allergic to goji berries? Etc.

Until such questions are answered to the satisfaction of the medical community, health professionals are apt to shy away from advising patients to use goji berries. Still, people relay on the information internet and advice of the people who know its benefits.

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