Impact of a Healthy Diet and Vitamins on Hemorrhoids

Various vitamins and a healthy diet have a great deal of impact on Hemorrhoids. A Hemorrhoid is a varicose vein that builds up in the rectum or the anus, and astonishingly, a huge number of adult Americans suffer from this at some point in their lives. Though there is no consensus on what causes this painful malaise, but experts are of the opinion that preventive measures by way of right food and vitamins can definitely provide relief. And the correct diet at the right time may even prevent it from happening.

Vitamins that Fight Hemorrhoids

Vitamins That Fights Hemorrhoids

A number of vitamins have been known to have fighting abilities. . Vitamin C aids blood circulation and thus reduces clotting tendencies. Vitamin E keeps tissues elastic and helps resolves blood clots . Vitamin A aids the healing of mucous membranes . B6 is helpful for pregnant women suffering from Hemorrhoids as this vitamin is often deficient during pregnancy . Vitamin B complex helps in digestion and relief from Hemorrhoids.

What are Internal Hemorrhoids?

Internal Hemorrhoids

Here is a great relief for Internal Hemorrhoids. Internal Hemorrhoids are usually located near the beginning of the anal canal or close to the anal opening. White external Hemorrhoids may be a real 'pain in the back', internal Hemorrhoids on the other hand are basically painless, and that is because the rectal tissues lack nerve fibers. Internal Hemorrhoids like the external variety can be caused by sitting or standing for a long time, lifting heavy objects, constipation, pregnancy, obesity, lack of exercise, chronic constipation and chronic cough, food allergies, a wrong food diet, lack of vitamins & fiber and liver damage. Over time, veins lose their elasticity and become sac-like protrusions. And this leads to inflammation, itching, burning, a great deal of pain and finally bleeding. And when internal Hemorrhoids bleed, blood appears red in color. The chances of having internal Hemorrhoids also increase with age just like external Hemorrhoids and thus it can be seen usually in adults. Hemorrhoids can also be hereditary.

Eat a Healthy Diet to Fight Hemorrhoids

Eat a Healthy Diet to Fight Hemorrhoids

The right diet is important to fight Hemorrhoids. In fact not only vitamins, a healthy diet must also contain fibers such as wheat, bran and fresh fruits. Most vegetables are also rich in fibers. Eat at least one salad of raw vegetables daily. The diet should have as little as possible fat and refined carbohydrates. Fibers should be part of a healthy diet because they can fight constipation as well, and constipation is known to worsen Hemorrhoids. So eat a lot of green vegetables and avoid animal protein, processed and refined foods, sugar, ice cream, fried foods, cheeses, peanuts, junk foods, tobacco, alcohol, and salt. On an average 8-10 glasses of water should be added to this.

Nutritional Supplements providing Vitamins to Fight Hemorrhoids

Nutritional Supplements Providing Vitamins to Fight Hemorrhoids

Sometimes in our busy schedules, it does not become possible to eat a healthy diet and have adequate vitamins. In such cases, nutritional supplements can fit in and meet the deficiencies. However take care when selecting such a supplement as there are many artificial products in the market. The best option by far is the solution mentioned above and natural vitamins and fibers taken through a natural healthy and balanced diet.


Although Vitamins have no calories, but they are still essential and have many other benefits. Such as the prevention and cure from Hemorrhoids. Yes, a healthy diet and vitamins have a great deal of impact on Hemorrhoids.

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