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Histidine - For Tissue Growth and Repair

Histidine Information

Histidine is regarded as an essential amino acid during the period of growth. However as healthy adults are capable of synthesising it according to their requirements, it is termed a non-essential amino acid in adult life. This amino acid may also be required in the diet during old age and in tho e suffering from degenerative diseases. Histidine is metabolised into histamine, an important physiological substance which is normally freely present in the intestine.

Histidine Benefits - Functions in the Body

Histidine is essential for growth and the repair of human tissues. It is necessary for the conversion of glucose into glycogen in the liver. Histidine converted into histamine stimulates the secretion of hydrochloric acid in the stomach.

Histidine benefits

Taken orally, histidine is likely to depress the pain of rheumatoid arthritis. Professor Gerber of Downstate Medical Center, New York, utilises between 1 g and 6 g daily in arthritic patients.

Histidine helps to dilate the blood vessels and has, therefore, been found beneficial in the treatment of cardio-circulatory disorders.

The release of histamine from body stores is considered a prerequisite for sexual arousal. Hence histidine supplementation may prove helpful in this regard.

Histidine has also been found to be beneficial in allergic conditions, in the treatment of anaemia, and disorders of the auditory nerve.

Histidine Rich Foods Sources

Histidine Rich Food Sources

Histidine is found in fruits such as bananas and grapes, meat and poultry, and milk and milk products. It is also found in root vegetables and all green vegetables, though in lesser quantities.

Histidine Deficiency Symptoms

Histidine Deficiency Symptoms

A deficiency of histidine can cause pain in the bony joints. A low urine concentration of histidine has been reported to accompany rheumatoid arthritis.

Histidine Side Effects - Precautions

Taken orally, histidine has a tendency to stimulate hydrochloric acid secretion in the stomach. Thus persons who already suffer from overabundance of acid in the stomach and those who have ulcers should avoid taking pure histidine.

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