What Is So Special About Green Tea?

Lately, there has been a lot of advertising and news being written about green tea. A number of new products, from toothpaste, to diet supplements, to cosmetics, contain it, and even celebrities are now promoting it. A lot of good things are being said about it, and in this article, we can look at some of the reasons for it.

What It Can Do For You

Every one of us knows of someone who has been affected by cancer. For this horrible disease that has been around for a long time, there still is no cure. Much has been learned about it, and doctors are now able to prolong the life of those who have it, in most cases. Still, many die from it every year. But suppose that someone came along and told you of a readily available drink that would work with your body to help it to fight against cancer and other diseases? This is exactly what has been found in green tea.

The truth is, not only does it reduce your likelihood of getting cancer, but more than 500 research studies on green tea have been performed which show that it also will help you against:

  • many forms of cancer
  • rheumatoid arthritis
  • high cholesterol levels
  • heart disease
  • immune deficiencies
  • Infections

As if that was not amazing enough, others tell us that it also helps in:

  • sharpening your brain power - cognitive abilities
  • preventing Alzheimer's
  • treatments for multiple sclerosis
  • lowering high blood pressure
  • reducing blood sugar
  • fighting cavities
  • reducing weight

With all of these proven benefits, does any more need to be said? It definitely is a gold mine in health benefits for the human body.

What Makes It So Special?

All "true" teas come from the same plant that is the camellia sinensis. It appears to be that the method of processing used is what makes the difference. Green tea is steamed in the process, whereas both black and oolong teas are fermented - allowed oxidizing.

The key ingredient, then, in green tea is not harmed, resulting in a powerful difference. That special item is referred to as EGCG, or, epigallocatechin gallate, and it is an antioxidant. In the normal processes of our bodies, oxygen free radicals, or molecules which can easily unite with other molecules, are produced. These, in turn, can cause damage to our DNA, our cells mitochondria, and cell membranes. They are partly responsible, if there is an excess, of helping to bring about cancer, heart disease, aging, and other illnesses of the body.

One particular antioxidant found in green tea (EGCG), is of utmost interest to scientists today. Other ones, such as vitamin C, are helpful, but, in comparison, EGCG is 100 times more effective! Vitamin E works in a little different way than vitamin C, but still, EGCG is 25 times more efficient! It is twice as powerful as even resveratrol in being able to neutralize the free radicals. And, was it mentioned, EGCG is only one of the many antioxidants that are found in green tea?

Does It Have A Proven Past?

There is historical evidence that green tea was used for definite medicinal purposes as far back as 4,000 years ago - in China. The Chinese have touted the value of teas for many centuries, and they do produce some of the longest living people in the world.

Much of our tea comes from Japan, and it is primarily imported from the regions of two cities, Uzi and Shizuaka. It is here, not surprisingly, that the residents are known to drink more tea than anywhere else in Japan. These particular people have the lowest rates of cancer anywhere in the world.

What Are The Known Side Effects?

With many modern medicines there are usually a number of side effects. The good thing about green tea is that nature does it a little better than man. Glad to say, for green tea – there is only one. Insomnia is the only known side effect. This is to be expected – since it does have caffeine in it – about half of what is in coffee.

How Much Should I Drink?

The full report on this is not in yet, and there does seem to be some conflict. However, the reports do seem to be in general agreement that a minimum of three cups a day will have positive antioxidant activity in your body. Still, the consensus also indicates – the more the better. Where can you find such a deal on health benefits as that which is offered to you – for the mere price of a cup of green tea!

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