Cron and Jala Maize

Maize, a gigantic domesticated grass, originated in tropical Mexico. Because it was so adaptable, and the productivity was excellent, maize spread rapidly around the globe. It is now produced in most countries of the world, and is a staple crop in the lives of people everywhere.

There are five different types of maize that can be classified. They are:

  1. Pop: This is the original domesticated type, and consists of a small spherical grain with a soft starch core and a hard shell.
  2. Flint: This is similar to the pop maize but has a larger grain. It is hardy, and is produced in areas where cold tolerance is required, or storage conditions are poor.
  3. Flour: This type of maize is the preferred form for direct human consumption. It consists of a soft starch that can be ground easily.
  4. Dent: This type of maize consists of a floury starch core with lateral inclusions of flinty starch. This is the most produced type of corn on a global level and is mostly used as livestock feed and for industrial purposes.
  5. Sweet: The endosperm of sweet maize consists mainly of soluble sugar. There is little starch, and an intermediate form of a sugar polymer which is called phytoglycogen.

Uses of Maize and its Production

Maize is very important for many different reasons. One of the primary uses of maize is as a feed for livestock. A large portion of the total produce of maize is used as livestock feed.

Industrial uses include maize being used in the production of Ethanol. Ethanol is a type of alcohol, and is mainly used as an additive to gasoline. This increases the octane rating.

Some part of the produce is used in the production corn sweeteners such as corn syrup. It is also used in tortilla chips, since it is the main ingredient. Kernels are bleaches with Iye or grits, which are coarsely ground corn. This is called hominy.

Another common food which is made from corn is corn flakes. This is an important breakfast cereal in many parts of the world, since it is both healthy and nutritious.

The flour of maize is used to make cornbread. Popcorn, a very popular global snack is popped maize. However, human consumption of maize does not constitute a very large percentage, when compared to the industrial uses and the use as livestock feed.

Some forms of the maize plant are occasionally grown for ornamental use in the garden. Colourful cobs, and variegated and colourful leaf forms, help to make the plant look very attractive. Corncobs can also be hollowed out to make inexpensive smoking pipes.

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