Eating Disorders

Children's Eating Disorder is Common and Must Be Attended

You must also take your child to a nutritionist or a dietician in case if your child does not take you seriously. You must make them understand the effects of poor eating habits. The effects are harmful and therefore care must be taken from the very inception.

Eating disorders are quite common. Many people have this problem. This is also common among children. Children aged fourteen to fifteen begin to suffer children's eating disorder and this may peak at the age of eighteen. Girls in their adolescent years find themselves suffering from children's eating disorder.

There are many different eating disorders out there today, but the two most popular would be that of the anorexia and bulimia eating disorder. The anorexia and bulimia eating disorder are the two which are the most common by far, as well as the two that are the most well known.

Children's Eating Disorder

You must know that anorexia and bulimia eating disorder are two different things. Anorexia is an eating disorder, in which the person does not eat any food, and usually is a result of stress or unhappiness, and is the person's way of dealing with these emotions. The person's appetite falls and he does not feel like eating. Bulimia, on the other hand, is an eating disorder in which the sufferer eats a large amount of food in a relatively short period of time and then purges it back up. There is no control over hunger. It has been found that both these have psychological reasons behind eating disorders.

Anorexia causes the child to experience an overwhelming fear of becoming overweight and leads them to force them to become thin with a resulting restriction in intake of calories, which is perceived as being the major cause of being underweight. The child may also be prone to bulimia and will eat out of his capacity.

The root cause of children's eating disorder seems to be genetic and is more prevalent in children having first-degree relatives who have had eating disorders as well. Some competitive activities such as ballet, skating, athletics as well as fashion modeling are other factors that may be attributed to causing children's eating disorder.

A common thread that points to children's eating disorder is that of the child having a low self-esteem as also not being satisfied with their bodies. Besides this factor, the child may also be suffering from eating disorder if he or she has had recent weight loss, fears gaining weight, shows purging behaviors, has a distorted view of their own body size or shape, is preoccupied with thinking about food, calories and weight, shows restrictive eating patterns and likes to eat alone.

To remedy the children's eating disorder, one should get the child seen by a physician without any delay in case there are symptoms that point to the child having eating disorders. The doctor may perform a nutritional assessment as also evaluate the child for depression signs.

As parents, it is important that you watch the eating habits of your children carefully as you will truly never know when they may slip into an eating disorder and you should be able to recognize it before it is too late. You must speak to your children about eating disorders, make them aware of the risks involved and they will understand when you explain that it can even be their life at stake should they keep up the poor eating habits. You must make it a habit for them to have their meals on regular time and in a proper way.

Sometimes you eat more just to release some amount of stress. It is proved that people who have a lot of tension sometimes tend to eat more. In some cases the reverse may be true. People don't feel like having food and in this way poor eating habits are encouraged. It is very important that you have regular and healthy meals at regular intervals.

There are sites available which will help you deal and learn how to approach eating disorders in order to get the best reaction from your child as well as get him/her back into normal healthy eating habits.

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