Eating Disorders

The Teen Eating Disorder: This is Quite Common

There is also scope for schools and educational institutes to play an active role in preventing teen eating disorders and this may be done through educating the student on a teen eating disorder and the dangers that may be lurking about. In addition, the teachers should teach the teenager that to succeed in life the body weight does not play any significant role and if the teen eating disorders can be caught at an early stage the person may be more willing to accept help and the chances of recovery will correspondingly increase.

There are many people on the globe suffering from eating disorder. This disorder must not be ignored. It must be attended and that too urgently. You need help when you are undergoing an eating disorder. Thus you must not be reluctant to ask for help. In case you suspect that you have an eating disorder it is wise for you to get eating disorder help by seeking out professional help since eating disorders imply some serious psychological as well as medical conditions that require intervention of a medical professional.

Teen Eating Disorders

It is not necessary for a person who has an eating disorder symptom to appear as being underweight or even appear to have average weight in order to be diagnosed as suffering from signs and symptoms of the eating disorder. There are many instances of men and women in the world today that do not appear to be underweight and this certainly does not mean that they are any less in danger of the effects of eating disorders.

The most important thing or an activity is eating. In life, you need to eat to carry on with your daily activities. All your metabolic functions depend on eating. Thus doctors always advice to eat properly. You must eat nutritious food. The food eaten must be hygienic and good for health.

Adolescence can be one of the most stressful times in a young person's life and it is the time when they begin discovering their identities and are becoming more independent. The adolescent years are the time when they establish new and meaningful friendships and also when they find that their body has begun to develop. When a person enters these years of puberty, it can be a very emotional, stressful, confusing as well frightening period through which they must pass.

The lucky few can make the transition from childhood to adolescence without any difficulties but there are many who may have developed a teen eating disorder as an alternative to cope with these changing times.

A teen eating disorder may cause the young person to worry that the weight that he or she is gaining will become permanent and thus may cause him or her to panic and in desperation try to shed this extra weight. They may be ignorant of the fact that these physical changes will ease off with time and that their body weight will stabilize without the need for dieting. The teen eating disorder may also be attributed to going through puberty, which is a testing time, especially if the teenager also has to undergo sexual advances.

In addition, the teenager may be under great pressure to perform and excel and a number of these teenagers may spend time worrying as well as trying to conform to society's unattainable ideal body image and so might fall victim to a teen eating disorder. Many teenagers purchase teen magazines containing pictures of emaciated models and this may only reinforce their beliefs that the way to happiness lies in being thin and so may become one of the many who have teen eating disorders.

Another important factor that may contribute to a teen eating disorder is that of the environment in the home with family, which plays a major role in developing teen eating disorders. Young teenagers whose family members have emotional, physical or sexual abuse present may become victims of a teen eating disorder which may become a means of gaining control and block out painful feelings as well as emotions.

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