Eating Disorders

Eating Disorder Counseling is Necessary

As parents, it is important that you watch the eating habits of your children carefully as you will truly never know when they may slip into an eating disorder and you should be able to recognize it before it is too late. You must speak to your children about eating disorders, make them aware of the risks involved and they will understand when you explain that it can even be their life at stake should they keep up the poor eating habits. You must make it a habit for them to have their meals on regular time and in a proper way. Eating disorder counseling is important.

Eating Disorder Counseling

When you find yourself or your loved one in the clutches of eating disorder, remember that it is serious and needs counseling. Of course, counseling for those recovering from an eating disorder has to be sensitive. You need the counseling of a psychologist. A psychologist with experience in eating disorders is the best bet for someone seeking counseling for an eating disorder. However, these are the no-brainer answers--they apply to the therapist and to the therapy. For example, what about the person coming in for eating disorder counseling?

Firstly the person must know that he is going through a disorder. You must patiently explain him the same. If he acknowledges the fact then he may be helped. There are some people who think that they are not undergoing any disorder. The person who is coming in to seek eating disorder counseling is the most important element in this type of counseling. A teenage girl for instance who will not admit that she has a problem with food is not going to do well in counseling, no matter how many hours she has with a professionally trained for eating disorder counseling. Teenagers suffering from an eating disorder are not likely to want to talk to their parents about problems that they are having; they especially don't want to talk about food--food is already the bane of their existence and it's a highly sensitive topic for discussion.

You will have to develop a fair amount of patience level and then help the person. Since that is the case with most teenagers, you might be wondering how you're supposed to breach the topic with your teenagers. Maybe you are thinking that taking them for eating disorder counseling is the solution since the professional counselor should be able to get a decent amount of participation out of the teenager.

While this is true to an extent, the quality of the conversation that the counselor will have with the young person in question will be at a lower level of effectiveness and it will take a lot longer to get to the topic of focus this way. Starting eating disorder counseling without preamble is one way to get the healing process started. This is a bit tough task but you have to do it.

If you want to meet the subject a little bit more head on and increase the chances of success with eating disorder counseling, you can try discussing the issue with your son or daughter yourself.

Instead, try opening a dialogue about a newspaper article or book that you read, or a movie or show that you saw in which something surprised you about someone's reaction to food. If you can get your son or daughter to explain why the wrestler wasn't drinking water (to lose weight) or why the dancer smokes (to curb appetite) you are getting them to solidify their knowledge. This kind of topic opens the pathway to further discussion, as you bring the topics closer and closer to your own town, your own street, and your own house. Once these pathways are open, your son or daughter is more ready for eating disorder counseling.

The most important thing or an activity is eating. In life, you need to eat to carry on with your daily activities. All your metabolic functions depend on eating. Thus doctors always advice to eat properly. You must eat nutritious food. The food eaten must be hygienic and good for health.

Eating disorders are found in all age groups however the highest number is registered in adolescents. Many of those who discover that they have an eating disorder later in life realize that it all started in their adolescence.

Eating disorders are of two types. One when you eat more and the other when you eat less. There are many causes to eating disorders such as: self-esteem, wanting to fit in a group or team, stress, to desire to stand out in a way or the other and so on. Eating disorders are both, when you over eat or when you starve yourself. Both these things are unhealthy.

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