Eating Disorders

Eating Disorder Symptom is Truly Serious

It becomes very prominent with the eating disorder symptom that there is some problem. It must be attended. You must tackle it patiently.

There are many people on the globe suffering from eating disorder. This disorder must not be ignored. It must be attended and that too urgently. You need help when you are undergoing an eating disorder. Thus you must not be reluctant to ask for help. In case you suspect that you have an eating disorder it is wise for you to get eating disorder help by seeking out professional help since eating disorders imply some serious psychological as well as medical conditions that require intervention of a medical professional.

It is not necessary for a person who has an eating disorder symptom to appear as being underweight or even appear to have average weight in order to be diagnosed as suffering from signs and symptoms of the eating disorder. There are many instances of men and women in the world today that do not appear to be underweight and this certainly does not mean that they are any less in danger of the effects of eating disorders.

Eating Disorder Symptoms

The most important thing or an activity is eating. In life, you need to eat to carry on with your daily activities. All your metabolic functions depend on eating. Thus doctors always advice to eat properly. You must eat nutritious food. The food eaten must be hygienic and good for health.

Eating disorders are of two types. One when you eat more and the other when you eat less. There are many causes to eating disorders such as: self-esteem, wanting to fit in a group or team, stress, to desire to stand out in a way or the other and so on. Eating disorders are both, when you over eat or when you starve yourself. Both these things are unhealthy.

There are people who have an eating disorder symptom of some sort and these manifests themselves in a number of different ways, depending on whether the person is suffering from anorexia or bulimia nervosa or some other eating disorder.

Generally the eating disorder symptom may show up as dramatic weight loss in short periods of time or even wearing excessively baggy clothes or dressing in layers to hide the body's shape. In addition, obsession with weight as well as making complaints regarding weight problems is another eating disorder symptom.

There is also obsession with calories as well as fat content in foods as also being completely taken up with thoughts of exercising continuously which may be considered to be other signs of an eating disorder symptom.

There are so many different eating disorder symptoms that one can even think of hair loss, pale or gray appearance of the skin as well as dizziness and headaches as being an eating disorder symptom that specifically relates to anorexia and bulimia. Other eating disorder symptoms are low self-esteem, complaints of feeling cold continuously, low blood pressure as well as constipation or incontinence, for instance.

People who are given to intentionally starving themselves are sure to have an eating disorder symptom and this form of ailment is called anorexia nervosa. It causes them to become obsessed with food and weight.

A person suffering from anorexia nervosa will be sure to have an eating disorder symptom such as refusing to maintain their body weight as well as experiencing intense as well as overwhelming fear of putting on weight or becoming fat. It does not seem to matter to these people that their weight may not be abnormal, and they feel that their body weight, shape and size may directly be related to how good they may be feeling about themselves.

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