Low Carb Diet

The Problem with Low Carb Diets

A low carb diet is certainly an effective way to lose weight. But considering that they are deficient in many nutrients they aren't the best options. Here are several problems that you should think about before starting a low carb diet.


The Low carb diets are low in fiber content that leads to problems like constipation and colon cancer. Also, according to some, chronic constipation can cause "leaky gut syndrome" which may be linked to fibromyalgia and similar health problems


On a low carb diet you are curbing on fruits and vegetables, which can mean you are deprived of requisite amount of phytonutrients. Phytonutrients are source of antioxidants and other beneficial micronutrients. They are majorly present in plant foods.

Fluid and Electrolytes

The low carb diets may cause fluid to leak from tissues into your bloodstreams. Thus, a substantial amount of fluid is drained from your kidneys, these includes lots of electrolytes. Rarely though, but elimination of electrolytes causes a severe imbalance and a fatal heart rhythm.


The low carb diets may also be high fat diets. Opinions though are mixed for fats. Some people say low carb diets aren't that high in fat also dietary fat isn't that big a problem. Others share a different opinion as any diet that is high in fat is unhealthy. Whatever may it be a word of caution is that the higher dietary fat content is one problem with low carb diets.


The choices in the variety of food items aren't many in a low carb regime. Not many recipies can be made out of pastas and rice!


Cost is a major trade of while considering a healthy food plan. Meat and other high protein foods tend to be much more expensive than higher carb options. It may be hard to afford for some.

Due to all these problems, a low carb diet is a challenge. A low carb diet can be balanced by including a reasonable amount of healthy carbohydrates. Especially by going for fruits and vegetables and whole grains and simultaneously cutting out the unhealthy carbs--like white flour and sugar.

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