Facts about the Goji Berry Plant

Goji Berries plants are very hardy and can apt to nearly all weather conditions .Generally it is confused with wolfberry. Goji berries are generally planted in bright sunlight. It is harvested in such a way that these shouldn't come in contact with hands.

There is a great rush and demand created in the international markets for goji berries. It is surprising that this small and red raisin can demand a price of $30-50 per pound while people are literally frantic to include it in their diets. And it's a fact that this minuscule berry packs all the goodness required for the proper functioning of a human body.

What Do We Know about the Goji Berry Plant?

Goji Berry Plant

The Goji Berry Plant is normally grown in Tibet, Mongolia and parts of China. This wonder berry plant should not be confused with another fruit known as wolfberry plant. These two plants look similar and have similar fruits, but while the Goji Berry Plant bears sweet and juicy fruits, the wolfberry is slightly bitter and dry in taste. Very few people, however, know this basic difference and thus in many parts of the world, the wolfberry is sold as a goji berry.

The Goji Berry Plant is a very hardy plant that adapt to almost any type of soil and climate. This plant was found to fight extremes of cold and heat such as -15 degrees Fahrenheit in winters and above 100 degrees Fahrenheit in summers. Though the Goji Berry Plant thrives best in well-drained soil, it will grow okay in other types of soil as well. This plant loves the sun and it will always give you a better yield if it is planted in full sunlight. The only detrimental factor in the well-being of the Goji Berry Plant is wet and soggy soil conditions. This plant grows slowly and it starts bearing fruit from the second year onwards. However, it reaches its full capacity at the age of four to five years. At this time, it can reach up to eight to ten feet tall. The flowers of the Goji Berry Plant are usually of two colors, purple and white. The flowers become fruit in the course of the late summer. After summers the tree is full of lovely bright red berries.

The fresh goji berries are exceptionally sweet and tasty. However, they cannot be touched by hand, as they immediately become oxidized and turn black because of that. This is why, the goji berries are harvested by shaking the plant and collecting the berries on a mat, or by collecting them with the help of sterile gloves.

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