A Natural Himalyan High: Goji

The real benefits of the goji plant are in those which hail from a Himalayan origin. Proper knowledge of the benefits and origin should be gathered to avail the real benefits of the goji plant.

The highest mountains on planet earth, Mount Everest, and the legendary Yeti make the Himalayas the object of fantasy and imagination which the western world has known only a little about. For pilots stationed in India during World War II, "the hump," as the mountains were called, were a daunting, perilous trek over peaks more than 20,000 feet high.

Himalayan Goji

The incredible mountains are also hoarded wealth of a Central Asian treasure; the Himalayan goji plant. The plant's berries are the most revered medicinal sources in Mongolia, Tibet and Nepal. The Himalayan goji was discovered in about 800 A.D. by Buddhist monks; the unusual manner in which the plant was identified by the Buddhist monks makes Himalayan goji revered as a gift from the gods. The monks accidentally discovered the berries of the unknown plant fallen into the well water. Drinking this water, the monks noticed an increase in health and longevity that are till date attributed to the Himalayan goji the Himalayan goji have contributed significantly to Asian natural medicine.

The Himalayan goji have lately ventured in the American and European herbal medicine. The studies are still going on the properties and abilities of the Himalayan goji like other counterparts in healing products such as Aloe Vera juice, bee royal jelly, and seaweed or kelp extracts etc.

The plant has been found to have beneficial health effects in both healing and prevention; cancer, tuberculosis, allergies, digestive problems, hypertension, sexual dysfunction, fertility, anti-aging, and many more benefits have been thoroughly observed and documented. In due course, the Himalayan goji would surely make a prominent place in healthcare.

What's Special about Himalayan Goji?

The consumer demand in non-Asian countries increased a thousand-fold owing to its healing benefits. The producers of goji have gone into high gear and mass-production of the plant in various countries, especially America, to cater its growing demand. While buying the Goji plant care should be taken about its origin and benefits

In Tibet alone, there are 41 sub-species of the plant. Variations of the plant are found in Norway, Outer Patagonia and Arizona. Several decades ago, the Coca Cola Company decided to change its recipe and unveiled "New Coke". However, the attempt failed miserably.

Himalayan goji is traditionally grown and harvested "wild" rather than "farmed." The berries with wild and mountains origin are succinct in the benefits. Inner Mongolia, the provinces of Ningxia and Xingjian, and the Heavenly Mountains of western China contain the primary growing grounds for "real" Himalayan goji.

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