Advantages of Using Dried Goji Berries

There are various advantages to utilizing dried goji berries. It is an excellent fiber supplement and is widely used as a topping on many foods.

Advantages of Dried Goji Berries

Basically Goji berries are extracted from the goji plant. This plant is extensively found in the continent of Asia and especially in the countries where Himalayas lies. These mountain ranges provide the excellent environment for this plant to thrive.

The goji berries are common staple of the inhabitants of these countries. These berries are known for various wonderful health advantages, some of which include the prevention of eye disorders, cancer preventative qualities and longevity of life.

Goji berries are ingested in many ways. Some of these methods include consumption of berry in its natural form; the squeezing of the berry to formulate goji berry juice and in the form of dried goji berries. There are various advantages to utilizing dried goji berries. It is an excellent fiber supplement and is widely used as a topping on many foods.

Beneficial Ingredients of Dried Goji Berries

Dried goji berries aid body functions in a number of ways. Some of its potential benefits include strengthening of the immune system, weight loss, prevention of eyesight maladies, protection of the liver and the ability to possibly reverse the aging process.

Other benefits include increase in energy levels as well as improving sexual performance in some cases. Elements that facilitate these benefits, within dried goji berries; include lyceum barbarum polysaccharides, amino acids and carotenoids.

Additionally, the berries are replete with amino acids, which are the critical components of proteins and are metabolized by the cells within the body. These converted amino acids are essential elements that contribute to the full health of the body. There are 18 various amino acids of which eight are defined as critical, are found in these goji berries.

Dried goji berries are also rich in carotenoids. Carotenoids are vital elements that ensure the health of eyes. Specifically, goji berry studies have indicated it as a preventative food substance that deters macular degeneration and cataracts.

Fiber Supplement

Goji berries can also become a wonderful energy drink during the course of the day. Simply add the dried goji berries to water and allow the berries to release their wonderful properties. Drinking this elixir will not only provide the beneficial qualities of the berries to be released, but, in addition, will provide a healthy serving portion of fiber.


Another benefit to dried goji berries is its convenience to use. In the dried form, it can be sprinkled liberally on morning cereals and can be used as ingredients for a snack mix or in baking. Additionally, they can be the "icing on the cake" as they are mixed in with smoothies, yogurts or other healthy treats.

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