What is the Best Goji Juice?

Goji plant is found extensively in various areas of Asia, including Western China, Mongolia and Tibet due climatic reasons. Natives of these regions are well aware of its medicinal qualities and are using it for a long time.

Best Goji Juice

The best Goji Juice is definitely the Himalayan goji juice, and to understand why, one needs to know about the plant from where it is extracted. The goji plant is found extensively in the Himalayan expanse, but is also found in many other areas of Asia, including Western China, Mongolia and Tibet, where there are more than forty varieties.

A well-known poem was written in the Tang Dynasty about the beauty and the healing properties of the goji plant, and for centuries, it has been valued for its positive effects.

In West, people discovered it very late, and there is much eagerness in health circles these days of its immense effects. For the Best Goji Juice it needs the best ingredients and the right conditions to grow in. The latest medicinal wonder goji plant is a Himalayan shrub .Its specialty is, it grows to a height of 8 to 10 feet extensively grown in Tibet and Mongolia and is used in thousands of medicines worldwide.

The plant bears small purple or blue flowers with red colored fruit. This fruit is sweet in taste and can be consumed raw, fresh or dried. Because of its curative qualities and high content of anti oxidants, it has become popular recently. It is also being used in the treatment of cancer.

Although this plant requires sufficient sun light and well drained soil, it is drought tolerant. The leaves of the plant nicknamed as matrimony wine or youthful tea can be used in salads and drinks. Thus Goji fruit cannot grown in normal conditions, but rather need to be grown in the right climate surrounded by the right conditions.

What Else makes the Best Goji Juice?

Goji is mainly an eastern name and its plant is found mainly in the Himalayan areas where, the conditions are the most suitable for the growth of goji berries and of course the source of the Goji Juice.

Chinese naturopaths and healthcare experts assume goji to be an old Chinese fruit. In Chinese myths, the goji is considered as the fruit of immortality. Chinese naturopaths are using goji plants as remedy for various diseases for a long time from as back as 250 years. Not only Chinese, natives of Tibet, India and Nepal are also using the goji plant as a herbal and natural healthcare option for a pretty long time.

Indian Ayurveda also recognizes Himalayan goji as a very important fruit because of its wonderful medicinal properties.

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