Himalayan Goji Juice: Are the Claims Real?

The researches and studies on the goji juice reveal the it is beneficial, though t ascertain this there is still some time left. The best way to test it is to try this harmless medicine.

Himalayan Goji Juice

The origin and discovery tale of the Himalayan goji is occult. Only a bit is known which tells that in the tallest mountains of Himalayas grows a small berry from an indistinct bush which was discovered by Buddhist monks in about 800 A.D and since then has been used by Asian healer. The Chinese medicines are reluctantly accepted by the westerners but the Himalayan goji juice has hit the mainstream of herbal healing with an impact.

Studies and researches are still in progress all over the world on the goji berry's content and performance; the findings so far show a distinct possibility that the goji berry not only treats many medical conditions effectively, it also strengthens the body's immune system an thus helps to prevent and fight many ailments.

Himalayan goji juice is effective in treating and preventing cancer, tuberculosis, headaches, chronic fatigue, liver disease, allergies, depression, anxiety, insomnia, sexual dysfunction, hypertension, infertility, and many more conditions. It is also prized remedy for preventing the signs of aging and increasing healthy longevity.

The conventional followers of the goji product still pin for the authentic Himalayan goji juice that's been traditionally grown and harvested in the berry's homeland. But as the awareness and demand for the Himalayan goji juice is increasing these products are being mass produced.

Are the Healing Claims Legitimate?

Himalayan Goji Juice Healing Claims

Himalayan goji juice is believed to be as a "cure all". The clinical studies indicate that Himalayan goji juice has several well-known chemical properties that are beneficial. It contains 19 essential amino acids, eight of which are necessary to maintain a healthy life; it contains 21 trace minerals including germanium, a powerful anti-cancer mineral and is rarely found in food; it has a flurry of antioxidants that the body needs to grow, remain healthy, and prevent disease.

The Himalayan goji juice is a rich source of vitamins C, E, B-complex and sitosterol (an anti-inflammatory agent that eases symptoms of lupus, fibromyalgia, and HIV). The Himalayan goji juice also has essential fatty acids, cyperone, a compound that regulates blood pressure, prevents heart disease and eases menstrual and menopause discomfort; its betaine calms anxiety, enhances memory, and promotes healthy muscle growth.

A huge number of prescription drugs are plant-based such as belladonna, penicillin and nightshade. The Himalayan goji is a novel "herbal" product making its mark in the market. It shows extraneous results in weight loss and other ailments. The medicine is absolutely natural. The modern generation generally prefers the medicines to be in form of a pill, an injection or a capsule. The future of Himalayan goji juice is still to come. Though the researches have claims and proved many beneficial facts but still it would take some years to make certain that its healing claims are substantiated. However, the Himalayan goji juice is worth giving a try, it is non toxic and you may easily order it from any goji web site.

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