Research: Supported Benefits of Goji Juice

The clinical trials and studies in America and Europe has brought goji juice comes under intense scrutiny by medical researchers. The studies reveal its miraculous effect on the ailments such as lung cancer, liver cancer, malignant melanoma, renal cancer, colon cancer etc.

Benefits of Goji Juice

The mysterious goji berry is native to Central Asia, found most often in the Himalayan regions of Mongolia, Nepal and Tibet. However, the healing powers of the goji juice dates back to 800 A.D. This miraculous effect was inadvertently discovered by Buddhist monks when the berries fell into their water supply and the water reaped health benefits on drinking.

Although goji juice has been utilized as the traditional Asian medicine for centuries, only recently have these healing and preventive medical effects been scientifically studied in America, Europe, and the Mongolian Institute of Traditional Medicine.

The researches and studies are revealing the astonishing miraculous effects of these goji berries. If these healing power and life extending properties of goji juice are authenticated by scientific scrutiny, then these could be replicated and validated and contribute tremendously to the permanent cure for diseases such as cancer, tuberculosis, immune deficiencies, heart disease, hypertension, high cholesterol, depression, anxiety, insomnia etc.

What Does the Research on Goji juice Tell Us?

In 1992, the Journal of the Beijing Medical University reported in their studies that, goji juice reduced antibodies associated with allergic reactions and other histamine-related syndromes like psoriasis. Anti-aging studies conducted by Dr. J. Zhang in 1993 were contributing; goji juice contains a powerful secretagogue, a substance that acts on the pituitary gland and slows the aging process. Studies also reveal an exceptional effect of goji juice in strength, sexual libido, improved sleep and appetite, and were less susceptible to disease.

In the inflammatory conditions like arthritis, lupus, and fibromyalgia goji juice neutralizes superoxide dismutase, an enzyme that contributes to physical pain. The goji juice is also similarly beneficial for cardiovascular function, liver function, improvements in vision, and gastric disorders resulting from reduced stomach activity.

The most astonishing result however is brought forth in the cancer prevention and treatment. The tests revel that these berries produce strong tumor growth inhibitors that reduced the malignant spread of cancer throughout the body. The goji juice is also an effective supplement in preventing liver cancer.

In 1994 a clinical trial at Second Military Medical University in Shanghai contributed the a mix of goji juice with anti-cancer drug LAK/IL-2 shows an amazing and unexpected regression result than when used alone. Furthermore the Asian researches showed effective regression with malignant melanoma, renal cancer, colon cancer, and lung cancer. It has been observed that the positive response rate in curing the ailment is about 40.9% when goji is used with the drug as opposed to 16.1% of patients who received only the drug. This Asian berry just may prove to be a breakthrough in healthcare.

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