Cholestatic Constipation


Cholestatic Constipation

When someone is looking at the disease Cholestatic constipation we first have to understand what each word actually means and how they do affect our bodies. Cholestatic is actually a Greek word and all it means is “a standing still of bile.” There are many reasons why bile might not be functioning properly and all of these reasons are to do with parts of us inside the human body. One reason can be because of obstruction of the bile ducts but there are many reasons for why we have a standing still of bile. Constipation can occur in nearly everyone if their diet is somewhat heavily off balance with what they should be eating. Fiber as we all know is a big reason why we can go to the toilet easily. But if our diet does not consist of a lot of fiber then going to the bathroom can be very tough. Constipation is all about how hard it can be for some of us to excrete excrement. So this disease is most linked with the kidney because any illness with the word cholestatic will always be linked with the kidney this means that it is very important for you to visit your doctor, so that they can then prescribe you with the right treatment to help you combat this problem.

Vulnerable Groups

There is a group of people that are vulnerable to cholestatic constipation. This group is young infants and there are a lot of reasons for this happening some people believe that their bodies are adjusting to all the big changes happening inside their bodies. But there is no proof to back this statement up. The main proven reason is because of the liver function inside their bodies. And if this problem is not seen to early then that person can end up with liver troubles for the rest of their lives. This disease is most likely to occur in underdeveloped countries where there is no vitamin K to help the bile in the body. There are a lot of diseases that can show up in these underdeveloped countries due to a lack of vitamins and this just shows how highly important it is that these countries are helped to become more developed. Sending them high doses of vitamins can help but how can we care for every single person?

Symptoms of Cholestatic constipation

There are symptoms that do show when someone has contracted cholestatic constipation however for someone to show the signs of cholestatic constipation they have to show the symptoms that are shown with each part of this disease. The symptoms that appear when a patient has been diagnosed with cholestatic constipation will be a dark color to their urine plus there will be a lot of itchiness on the patient. Plus if this illness isn’t diagnosed sooner then there could be some damage done to the liver due to the high pile of bile inside the body. Also there will be other symptoms but these symptoms will mostly relate to the constipation side of the illness. All these symptoms will consist of is patient having trouble excreting excrement. This can be frustrating for any person to have and the reason for this is because of the severe lack of fiber in their diet. Fiber is the main reason why people can visit the toilet on a regular basis because of the fact that it helps your body in a huge way. There is also the symptom of their skin turning slightly yellow and this is the main warning sign for most people. Seeing this happen will them prompt them to go to the doctor.

Summary of Cholestatic constipation

It seems that this disease is another disease that can occur in these underdeveloped countries. Cholestatic constipation will occur through a lack of Vitamin K and it is likely that a lot of underdeveloped countries will not have a lot of Vitamin K in their country so they cannot include this vitamin in their diet. Any severe lack of any vitamin can cause all sorts of problems and in these underdeveloped countries there is a high chance that their diets will not consist of any of these important vitamins. It is vital if they suspect that their child or someone else in their family does have this disease then it is highly important that they go to see a doctor immediately.

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