Losing Weight with Hypothyroidism: Causes and Treatment

Losing Weight With Hypothyroidism

Difficulty controlling weight when you have hypothyroidism When you have hypothyroidism facing challenges dieting controlling your weight, and dealing with dramatic changes in the body from the effects of hypothyroid. Since your thyroid controls practically all the cells in your body. The severity of your weight gain may also be a predisposition that was passed down to you by your genetics which may make it harder to deal with weight gain caused by hypothyroidism, considering your lifestyle may benefit your efforts at losing or maintaining you over all weight. So you work a sedentary job?

How far away is your job?

Long commutes can lead to sitting in one position for extended periods of time. Do you stop at fast food restaurants when you’re on the go? How many times a week, or a day do you eat fast food? Do you eat a lot of carbohydrates? Carbohydrates consist of pasta, potatoes, pastries, sugar based foods. Do you get regular aerobic exercise? Do you go for walks? Some times your genetic predisposition can be made worse by your type of lifestyle. Positive lifestyle changes will benefit you in the short and long run with your battle of hypothyroidism.

Causes of weight gain from hypothyroidism

When you have hypothyroidism the causes of weight gain happens because of an inactive thyroid which means that too little thyroid hormone which causes your mental and physical function to slow down. Your thyroid gland then takes iodine from your food intake and changes into hormones called T4 and T3 which control your metabolism and your heart rate which is the process that turns your food into energy, when your thyroid gland is not producing enough thyroid hormone your heart rate slows down, your body temperature becomes low, and you digestive tract slows the digestion of your food, and low metabolism cause weight gain in patients with hypothyroidism. Your thyroid gland is essential for your body to function properly which includes controlling your heart rate, body temperature, appetite, and healthy function of the digestive system, diagnosis of hypothyroidism results in many patients not being able to lose weight even through consistent efforts through dieting and exercise.

Desperate attempts to get the weight off, Is it worth it?

Extreme dieting trend will make your losing weight harder especially if you have a preexisting illness. Dietary supplements on the market shelves use tactics to draw you in guaranteeing that if you use their product that you will lose weight, all dietary  Supplement labels state that you should seek advice from your doctor before using their product, your doctor can tell you weather their product is safe for you. Diet supplement Labels state that if you have certain health conditions do not use these supplements, thyroid disease is one of the health conditions listed.

Extreme dieting isn’t going to change how much you weigh, in many cases if you do start to lose weight you will probably gain the weight back, most people gain even more than they originally weighed to begin with, extreme dieting with any type of fasting will leave you dehydrated, tired, weak, will most likely make your hyperthyroidism to turn into hypothyroidism due to malnourishment, your thyroid glad takes iodine from your blood, Iodine comes from  foods you eat, thyroid glands use’s iodine to produce thyroid hormone, that is why it’s important to stay away from diets that will contribute to making your hyperthyroid worse.

Emotional effects and depression

Emotionally the effects of weight gain, or not being able to lose it can become frustrating emotionally, physically, and mentally, leading to depression making an already bad situation worse. If you eat regular light meals, and snack on negative calorie foods such as fruits and vegetables anytime you feel like eating, you can burn calories just by eating food with a negative calorie value, say you had a dinner which consisted of five hundred calories an hour later you eat an apple say worth ten calories, your food at dinner time has been digesting for an hour, the apple’s calories are eaten up by it’s own digestion process, the nutrients from the apple created more energy to eat up some of the calories left over from your dinner. Something to think about, consider you might be contributing a healthy change that will benefit you weight and you’re hyperthyroid.

Hope this article will provide you information about losing weight with hypothyroidism.

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