Hypothyroidism Symptom


Hypothyroidism Symptoms

Hypothyroidism is a severe disease and it should always be caught early otherwise a whole world of problems could open up for the patient. If this illness is not caught early then the patient will develop more symptoms that are more dangerous to their overall health and then if they still do not get the correct treatment to combat this problem then they can end up in a coma. These comas are life-threatening and are likely to cause death in the patient. Even when the patient is in the coma the correct treatment will not wake them up. The hospital can provide them with all the correct treatments that they were meant to have but it is entirely up to the body on how it responds. There are many Hypothyroidism symptoms and they are all different yet they can be very rough on the patient who will find it very hard to overcome the symptoms of this illness.

Symptoms of Hypothyroidism

Symptoms of Hypothyroidism

As you would expect there are a lot of symptoms for Hypothyroidism and the symptoms do vary a lot. If any of the symptoms are present or they are constantly showing on the patient then you should take them to either the doctor or the emergency room where proper treatment can be given to them. A lot of people like to be stubborn and think that they can beat the illness on their own, but you have to tell them that they have to see the doctor so that a proper diagnosis can be performed on them. This illness is not one that should be taken gently because it can have some severe side effects and it an even cause death in some of the patients that have not gone to their doctor. There are many Hypothyroidism symptoms and just some of these are fatigue which will cause the patient to feel tired and also they will be rather sluggish at their work. Also the patient will show signs of weakness which may make it rather hard for them to do the more simple tasks that they might have done before this illness hit them. The patient will also suffer from weight gain and for many people this is the worst symptom to get when they are suffering from this illness. The patient will find it very hard to lose the weight as well so they will put on a lot of weight and they will then notice that they are not losing the weight. There have been patients that have complained of dry hair when they have this illness and while this illness is not present in all patients there are still a lot of people that do complain of suffering from dry hair. Also dry skin has been a complaint from a few patients they start to notice that their skin is becoming more pale and also more rough then before.

More Symptoms of Hypothyroidism

There are even more symptoms that need to be looked at in more detail. A lot of patients do not know what the symptoms are for this illness and so these symptoms might just feel like the flu to them. That do not know what the Hypothyroidism symptoms are and therefore they will just not think much of it when they do gain these symptoms. There are other symptoms that are not mentioned above but these are not highly common in all patients. One of these odd symptoms is hair loss that might occur in the patient. There isn’t a lot of patients that do complain about hair loss but for the few that do it can be a distressing time for them. There have also been complaints of muscle cramps and depression in the patient. No one likes to feel distressed ever and to get distressed because of an illness is not a good sign as it can cause a lot of problems not just for the patient but also for the people that are around the patient because they will not know what is going on.

Summary of Hypothyroidism

There are a lot of symptoms for this disease and it is important that you know all of them so that if any or many of them occur then you might be able to diagnose the patient yourself. Although it is always recommended that you do get a professionals opinion so that you can just be sure. The doctor will know all the Hypothyroidism symptoms.

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