Plummer’s Disease: Symptoms and Summary


Plummer's Disease

Plummer’s disease is an illness that is caused by the thyroid gland which contains a small round mass and this then causes too much thyroid hormone and then that is why the patient can contract Plummer’s disease. There are a lot of disease that are all to do with the thyroid gland and they are all very horrible disease that can cause a lot of problems for the patient and they can feel very down and depressed when it comes to this disease being diagnosed in the patient. As you can imagine because this illness is all thanks to the thyroid gland there will be a lot of symptoms that will be familiar to hyperthyroidism and it is important to understand that the prognosis for a patient that has this disease will be the same as anyone else that has the hyperthyroidism illness in their body. The prognosis can be very good for someone that has either this illness or hyperthyroidism but it is imperative to know that the chances of survival are only high when the patient does know that the illness is there early. If they can get to a doctor and get the illness looked at and diagnosed early then the chances of survival will be a lot higher then compared to someone that has only been to the doctor later on in the illness because they thought that they can fight the illness themselves. There are a lot of people that believe that the only illnesses that they will get will be colds and the flu, but they have to understand that everyone’s body is different and they can still contract this disease.

Symptoms of Plummer’s Disease

As described before the symptoms that will appear on a patient will be very similar to the symptoms that will appear on a patient that has hyperthyroidism so you can be sure that the doctor will have a tough time trying to tell the difference between the two disease thanks to the way that they are so familiar to each other. The symptoms that a doctor and a patient should be aware of if they think that they have Plummer’s disease are an intolerance to heat which can make them feel very edgy and also very frustrated. They will also be very nervous and this can also make them feel not only edgy but also they might experience trouble getting to sleep because of the fact that they will always be nervous and unsure of what is happening around them. The patients may also experience breathlessness and this can happen from not doing any physical activity. But if the patient does par take in some physical activity then it will not be long before the patient starts to feel very breathless from this physical activity. Also increased bowel movement will be popular with the patient that has this illness and this can make them very weak as they will always be up and down from their bed. If the patient is a woman then it will be common for the patient to notice a very light menstrual period. There have also been cases when there has been no menstrual period at all. The patient can also expect to feel very fatigued from this illness because it can drain the human body a lot so the patient will not know what to feel when they wake up every morning. They will feel very drained and tired but they may also want to start the day fresh but they know that they can’t because of this illness. Other severe symptoms include problems with the heart and also other human organs. But these cases are very rare and they will not always appear in a patient.

Summary of Plummer’s Disease

Plummer’s disease is a very rough disease and it can be very demanding on a patient because of the physical weakness that they will feel when this illness hits them hard so it is very important to remember that they have to be properly diagnosed by the doctor in the very early stages of this illness otherwise they might end up having the more severe symptoms of this illness and these are the worst symptoms that a patient can go through.

Hope this article will provide you information about plummer’s disease.

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