Pretibial Myxedema


Pretibial Myxedema

There is a thyroid gland that is located in the front of the neck. This particular thyroid gland is responsible for making thyroid hormones and these hormones are responsible for making all the body cells work properly. But if this thyroid stops producing these hormones or if it starts to become under active then Myxedema can occur. This will result in the patient having under active organs, this will result in symptoms such as severe fatigue also feelings of being cold also there will be weight gain in the patient plus the patient will have dry skin on their body. As the condition gets worse due to the levels of these hormones becoming more and more low then the symptoms will get more worse and then the patient may end up in a Myxedema coma. Many people will not end up in a coma because of they would have been to the doctor already so these Myxedema comas are very rare but they are also life threatening and if you already have Myxedema then you could be on the verge of a coma if you haven’t already been to the doctor. If this is the case then it is highly recommended that you visit the nearest hospital so that the proper treatment can be administered.

Causes of Myxedema

There are many causes of Myxedema occurring in a patient and these causes are usually when the patient shows signs of fatigue, weight gain in the patient plus dry skin. However as already stated if you do not go to the doctor to get this problem looked at properly then there is a very strong chance that you will end up in a Myxedema coma and the causes for a Myxedema coma are due to lung and also urine infections appearing in the patient, a stroke can also cause a patient to end up in a Myxedema coma along with these other symptoms: heart failure, trauma, surgery and also the most obvious one of all when a patient stops taking their prescribed thyroid medication then this can cause them to fall into a coma. All these can cause a coma in a patient these show just how important it is to go and see their doctor before this condition gets worse. If they do not see the doctor then there is a high chance that they will end up in a coma and they will then be in a life threatening state. This illness is serious and if at any point the patient does not take it seriously then they could find out the more severe side of this illness.

Symptoms of Myxedema

There are symptoms that should be noted when someone is showing signs of Myxedema. The main signs of someone showing this disease are the patient feeling weak, also the patient will be confused, a low body temperature will also make the patient feel cold, there might also be some swelling on some areas of the patients body and perhaps the most severe will be the fact that the patient will have trouble breathing. All this adds up to the patient not being able to function properly as they will be distracted by these feelings inside their body. Hopefully they would have thought that this isn’t right and they would have gone to see their doctor. If they are diagnosed with having Myxedema then they will be given antibiotics to help them combat the situation. But if the doctor feels that the illness is already at a severe stage then the patient will be admitted to hospital before they fall into a coma.


Myxedema is a very severe illness and it can cause a lot of trouble for the patient who has this illness in their body. Hopefully the patient would have been smart enough to go to the doctor to get this problem seen to before it could get any worse. The doctor will tell them that this illness can result in death if the proper treatment cannot be administered on time. This illness is seriously severe and the patient will see that they do feel different. However there are always stubborn people that do not want to go to the doctor instead they will wait and see if they can fight the disease on their own. This is of course a stupid idea and they will find out just how severe this disease is when they fall into a coma. The doctor is there for a reason and if you do not use the doctor as an option then you die because of it.

Hope this article will provide you information about myxedema.

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