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This disease is named after the Greek words for iron and germs. When you have Sideroblastic Anemia you will have high iron saturated red blood cells located in your blood. High iron levels are always bad for people but having high levels of iron located in your blood with you blood cells is always bad news for your body. The good news is that your iron will go into the right place in your body but the new blood cells will still start absorbing high levels of iron. Sideroblastic Anemia can be inherited from your parents but that is not why most people contract this disease. Most people will usually contract this disease from an illness that they have or even as a result of exposure to toxic substances. This does go to show that even though this disease is inherited it is not highly highlighted by doctors and other medical people. Even though they know that this disease can be inherited from people’s parents it seems that most people will think that this disease will only be contracted by being exposed to toxic substances. This disease is most of the time found in parents; it is very rare for a person to have this disease if they are not in their adult ages.

Symptoms of Sideroblastic Anemia

There are many symptoms that are found on a patient that is showing potential signs of sideroblastic anemia. When patients are being diagnosed with potentially having this disease the doctor will try and look out for certain symptoms that can help with the diagnosis of this disease. If the patient has been in close contact with toxic chemicals, alcohol abuse and also lead poisoning then this is the high possibility of this patient having sideroblastic anemia. However there are a few other disease that are associated with this disease. These other disease are leukemia, lymphoma, myeloma and rheumatoid arthritis. The symptoms of this disease are usually the same symptoms that are associated with the disease called anemia.

Complications of Sideroblastic Anemia

There are a lot of complications that can come with this disease if it is not treated properly or if this disease is not treated at all. These complications are usually very life threatening and if this disease is not treated then you can find that you could end up having one of these complications. So it is very important to understand that if you do have any possible symptoms that are linked with sideroblastic anemia then it is very important that you get your doctor to diagnose your condition. Because if you just think that the problem will disappear then you might end up having a life threatening disease. The complications that can occur with this disease are heart failure, diabetes, even enlargement of the liver can occur, there are also other potential life threatening diseases such as darkening of the skin and also an irregular heartbeat. These complications that can occur are known to be very life threatening and these diseases are known to be with you for the rest of your life.

Treatment of Sideroblastic Anemia

There is treatment available for sideroblastic anemia and these treatments are available to help you cure your disease. If the severity of your disease cannot be determined then it may be necessary to have a blood transfusion and there is also medication available to help stimulate the excess amount of iron that your red blood cells absorb. There is also the treatment that can be prescribed but this only happens in rare instances. The treatment that is prescribed is a B-vitamin and this benefits certain patients that had this disease present at birth. This treatment has been known to help the condition in some of the patients.

Conclusion of Sideroblastic Anemia

This disease is very severe and if you do not get this disease diagnosed as soon as possible then you could end up with life threatening complications and this can end up with you either dying or ending up with a lot of life time illnesses such as diabetes and either heart problems. This problem has to be diagnosed as soon as possible in order for you to have any chance of survival and also to avoid any kind of complications that might occur in your future life.

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