Graves Disease Symptoms


Graves Diseases Symptoms

Graves disease is yet another illness that is related to the thyroid gland and this illness can also lead to hyperthyroidism. This disease is caused mainly by an autoimmune disease and an autoimmune disease is when the human body attacks the organs and tissue that actually help to protect the body so you have to be careful when this disease shows up because it can be very serious when it attacks the body and it has to be diagnosed by the doctor very early so that the correct treatment can be given to the patient and then they can hopefully get a full recovery and return back to how they should be. Graves disease has been known to attack women mainly and statistics show that at least 2% of all women will get this disease at some point in their life. So if you are showing any symptoms of this illness then you have to take it seriously as the outcome and consequences of this illness can be very bad for you.

Vulnerable Group’s

There are people that will suffer from this illness more then others and statistics show that women are more prone to this illness then men and this is a severe concern for women because any chance of this illness showing up will be very scary for anyone. With the fact that women are more likely to get this it means that women have to be more careful when any of the symptoms show up. Also there is an age group that does become more affected then others. The age group between 20 and 40 year old women are more at risk of this disease and this shows that women who are in their prime in life can be knocked down by this disease and it can really effect them when they are struck with this illness. But just because the age group that is most vulnerable is between 20 and 40 this doesn’t mean that graves disease does not appear in other age groups. Infants, children and the elderly can also be affected by this illness and they are also very vulnerable when it comes to contracting this illness.

Symptoms of Graves Disease

There are symptoms that occur in patients when they contract this illness and they all lead to the doctor diagnosing the patient with graves disease. The symptoms that will be present when a patient has graves disease will be trouble sleeping and this can then affect the mind of the patient and this can also make them feel very weak and also very vulnerable to other diseases. Other symptoms include trouble getting pregnant and this can frustrate many women especially the women that are already having trouble getting pregnant and there are other symptoms that will occur and these illnesses are varied and will not always occur in every patient. But still you do have to be prepared just in case this illness does pop up in a patient. The other symptoms that can occur are weight loss which can occur without the use of a diet, a rapid heartbeat which can scare a lot of patients as experiencing a rapid heart beat can be a very scary time for the patient, also changes in the patient’s vision or even how the patients eyes look and this can be one of the big signs that a doctor will look for when they are diagnosing a patient that might have graves disease. But just a mixture of one or two of any of the other symptoms can also be a big sign of the patient having contracted graves disease.

Summary of Graves Disease

Graves disease is a very bad disease to have in your body. Just the thought of your body attacking the good tissue and organs is a scary thought. There is however treatment that is available for graves disease and this will come as a welcome relief to anyone that either has this disease or might be showing the symptoms of graves disease. There are a few options that are open to the doctor and all of these will be discussed with the patient before any decision is made. So it is very important that the patient and the doctor do come to the right decision.

Hope this article will provide you information aobut graves disease.

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