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The native home of the beet is the Mediterranean area and the South-Western Asia. The beetroot has been used as food for the last 2,000 years. The early Romans and the Greeks used to consume it generously. The old Greeks looked upon the beet as being good for cooling the blood. The beet is a bulbous root. It is of two colours-red-violet and white.

Benefits of Beetroot & Beet Juice

Beetroot and Beet Juice

The beet-juice is widely used and its unique benefits are taken advantage of.

The beetroot is somewhat hard to digest. It is oily, cool, nutritious and a bile-controller. It improves the quality of the blood. It reddens and vitalizes the body. The betaine content of the beet helps in cleansing the stomach and the intestine. Beet juice can even cure cancer.

The beetroot can be used as a salad. Adequate amounts of nutrients can be obtained only when beet is taken in juice-form. Juice can be extracted by pounding or shredding the beet. A juicer is very convenient for extracting juice from the beet. Beet-juice can be mixed with the juice of carrots, cabbage, mango or papaya.

In France, there have been many experiments on the use of very large quantities of beet-juice to aid recovery in cases of malignancy. In Germany, beet-juice is available in bottles. It is widely used as a powerful restorative during convalescence.

In 1946, a German naturopath Kunstmann was successful in curing a number of cancer-patients with beet­juice. Thereafter, in 1950, Dr. Firenczi from Hungary successfully treated a patient of malignant tumour with beet-juice. It was noted that beet-juice had a beneficial effect on other ailments also. Many patients gained weight by consuming beet-juice.

Beet-juice is harmless and beneficial. As it is rejuvenating, it is effective in every type of weakness. It also purifies the blood and brings redness to the body.

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