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General Statistics and Origin of Gooseberry


Gooseberry is a tiny, small, round deep purple color fruit. During ripening it is deep green in color, but later on it becomes deep purple in color, and with a striped skin. Gooseberries are commonly known as Gooseberry itself in English, it is known as Grosille a Maquereaux in French, it is known as Stekbes in Flemish and Uva Spina in Italian. The most common species of gooseberries are European Gooseberry and American Gooseberry. Gooseberry generally grows in humid weather. In rare cases gooseberry is also grown in containers at some places.


Gooseberry is a round fruit with a seed at center, varying from green, to dark shades of purple to black color. The color of gooseberry generally depends on the sunlight that falls on it. Gooseberries grow well in morning sun, afternoon partial shade and in pleasant air. They are said to very well productive in sunlight but its leaves burn in case of intense sunlight.

Types of Gooseberry

The two most common types of gooseberries available are the American gooseberry and the European gooseberry. The American Gooseberry has some other types such as Glenndale, Oregon champion which are generally deep purple in color. The European gooseberry includes the species such as Whitesmith, Telegraph, Early Sulphur, Hinnonmakis Yellow, Carelessand Whinham’s Industry.

Selection of Gooseberry

Although both the types of gooseberry, that is the American Gooseberry and the European Gooseberry, are really good species but, to make a choice between the two one should prefer the red color and the black or dark purple color type gooseberry.

Nutritional Benefits of Gooseberry

Gooseberries are said to be real sweet gift of nature. Gooseberries are really delicious, sweet and an easy to eat fruit. It can be served as it is. It is also included as a major part in desserts. Gooseberry is said to be a very good source of vitamins. Berries contain certain elements which in rare cases help preventing infections. According to a study it was found that gooseberries help preventing bladder infections, and also it was found that gooseberries contain certain anti-cancer properties. Gooseberry is a rich sorce of Vitamin C, fiber and also it contains potassium. Some species also contain actinidin which helps in digestion. Gooseberry is also help maintaining blood pressure, heart and also good immune system. Generally it is said that a large gooseberry contains around 60 calories.

The nutritional information of a gooseberry (large around 80g) is:

Calories 50
Fiber content
Fat content
Vitamin C  

Some common recipes of gooseberry:

Sweet Gooseberry jam

The major ingredients are: gooseberries around 6lb, common sugar around 8lb, water around 1 pint, and one small jar of certo.


In a boiling pan boil the gooseberries till they become soft. Now leave it covered for half an hour. Then start adding sugar to it and also stir it until sugar dissolves in it. Now again boil it for around 20 minutes with continuous stirring. Now let it cool for some time. Then add certo to it. Now let it cool, n serve chilled.

Sweet Gooseberry Jelly

The major ingredients are: gooseberries around 6lb, common sugar around 5 lb, juice around 4 lb and around three-fourth jar of certo.


Wash the gooseberries and boil them in water until they become soft. Then leave it covered for around 20 minutes. Then take it in a jelly cloth and squeeze it till juice is squeezed out. Now take another pan and slowly mix sugar and juice. Now add the squeezed gooseberries to it and bake for around 10 minutes. Let it cool. Serve chilled.

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