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Raisins: Nutritional and Health Benefits

General Statistics and Origin of Raisins


Dried fruits are said to be a very healthy diet. It is often included in almost all servings be it in Italian cuisine, Afgan Cuisine, Indian Cuisine or any such. Raisins are said to be a candy and that too nature’s original candy. Raisins are said to be made after drying the grapes which inurn the so called natural sweet raisin. The main raisin is made from the Thompson seedless grapes which was first introduced by a person named as William Thompson in 1876. Raisins are made by drying grapes, firstly the grapes are picked, placed down on poly paper trays and then they are made to dry naturally in he sun. After almost two to three weeks of continuous exposure of grapes to sun would result in a raisin. Generally it is seen that if we dry four pounds of fresh grapes, it would result in only one pound of raisins. Raisins are generally kept in cold storage. It is found that in case of improper storage sometimes the raisins become dry. So they should be washed in water to gain moisture and make them eatable.

Nutritional Benefits of Raisins

Raisins are said to be a good nutritive food. Raisins are generally said to cholesterol free. So people suffering from cholesterol problems can eat it without any problem. Raisins are also totally fat free, so young girls can enjoy its sweetness without taking into consideration its fat content. Raisins are also said to be low in sodium content. Raisins act as a good source of vitamins and minerals including Vitamin B, Calcium, Potassium and Iron. Raisins are very rich in antioxidants which generally prevent pre-aging. It is also a good source of fiber. Raisins have a high content of fructose. Raisins do not contain any preservatives; the natural sugar only acts as a preservative in them.

Some common recipes of raisins are:

Baked Mapple Apples with yummy raisins

The major ingredients (serving 6) are: six medium size apples, half cup raisins, half cup orange juice, 1 tsp fine grinned sugar, one tsp cinnamon or as per one’s taste.

Directions & Instructions

Peal off the apples on the whole. Place it in a pan. Add raisins and sugar (brown sugar) to it and put it into apple cavities. Pour some syrup over them and put the orange juice in the pan. Sprinkle the grinned sugar and cinnamon powder over it. Keep it on slow. Heat it for half an hour and serve it warm with cream.

Marvin Chef’s Barbeque Sauce

The major ingredients (serving 2) are: One and a half cup water, half cup raisins, two tbsp dry mustard, one tsp spices, some grinned onions, one tsp garlic and ginger powder, two to three cups of tomato puree and two cups of tomato paste, salt as per taste.

Directions & Instructions:

Mix all the ingredients in tomato puree and grind well. Boil this mixture. Now let it cool for sometime. Serve normal. Now serve it with chicken.

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