Low Carb Diet

Are Low Carb Diets Safe?

Remember, there is no accomplished way to loose weight or else it would have been discovered by now. If you have firmly decided to shed those extra pounds off then the dilemma again starts with the umpteen diet options you may choose from.

The most needed of all for an effective weight loss is the willpower to stick with the diet or exercise regime you have chosen. A diet regime, though, has a long term effect but is most sorted after, and in this category, a low carb diet is the favourite among the weight loss gurus. They have not, however, appeared to be quite as well accepted by the medical and nutrition-conscious community. Remember, the effectiveness and safety entirely depends on the on the type of low carb diet that you choose.

How to Select a Good Low Carb Program

Extremes of any diet regime should be avoided for a healthy living. Similar is the case with the low carb diet plans, moderation should be followed. To ensure that the diet plan you have selected is safe and consistent check on certain factors. First is the fat intake. No diet plan, including a low carb diet is safe if it does not take into account the types of fat that you are consuming. The safest fats to be included are the polyunsaturated fats and monounsaturated fats. These are primarily found in fats from plants like sunflower, sesame and olive oils.

The next check is to ensure that the low carb diet menu has fruits and veggies in it. Some of the diet plans restrict against certain fruits and veggie to be taken. Remember, to make your diet rich in essential nutrients and healthy variety by including fruits and veggies, a few to be avoided though are starchy vegetables like potatoes, peas and corn; and fruits like bananas and watermelon that have a high glycemic index; you can and should enjoy many other fruits and vegetables to your heart's content.

Also adding some whole-grain carbohydrates will complete the entire diet. By including all these you are definitely going to stay fit, and live healthy.

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