Low Carb Diet

Can A Low Carb Diet help you loose?

If doubtful about loosing weight by low carb diet, you needn't worry. The low carb diet, if aptly chosen to meet your body requirements surely leads to quick weight loss results

Water Weight

There initial drastic weight loss (up to ten pounds or so) when following a low carb. This weight loss is mainly due to the water weight loss. A low carb diet is low on carbs and thus forces the body to exhaust its fat or glyceride reserves to gain energy. The higher protein composition of the diet causes water to move out of the tissues and to be excreted. Though this loss in weight is not what is aspired for but it seeing you reducing surely provides the motivation to continue on the diet plan.

Carbs versus Calories

After the first few weeks, the weight loss rate slows down a bit. From this stage you begin to loose the actual fat weight. One of the positives with the low carb diet is that it preserves your protein (or muscles) stores and exhausts only the needed fat reserves in the body.

The net weight loss depends on the calories you intake during the diet. The net calories you take in should be lesser than what you exhaust physically, only then you effectively burn your fat and reduce.

Risks of a Low Carb Diet

With umpteen advantages, the low carb diet also has certain side effects and risks associated with them. These depend on the carb count in your diet plan. A very low carb diet forces your body to burn not only fats but also proteins for energy. The exhaust of proteins is inefficient and may lead to certain end-products, like Ketones, to accumulate in your body. Dieters may face side effects such as bad breath due to the accumulation of ketones.

Sometimes, these end products may be acidic and can cause your body chemistry to become too acid this phenomenon is called acidosis. A very low carb count in the diet may even lead to adverse problems such as imbalance of electrolytes in your body leading to fatal heart rhythms. Such fatal situation may also arise if you are on liquid protein diet.

Loosing weight through a low carb diet is effective provided these risks and side effects are kept in mind and suitably substituted for.

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