Low Carb Diet

Can a Low Carb Diet Help you Loose?

The dilemma that most of the 'weight loss' aspirers have is that is the low carb diet effective and does it really help loosing weight? The answer to which is invariably 'YES'!

Water Weight

Mostly in the first week of a low carb diet regimen, the weight is lost primarily due to water weight loss. The higher protein content of the diet causes water to squeeze out of tissues and excrete, due to which weight is reduced. This however is a positive motivation for the people starting with the low carb diet. Quick weight loss initially encourages them further to stick to this diet.

Carbs versus Calories

After initial week or two however, the weight loss rate slows down. The weight loss in this period is the desired fat loss weight. The low carb diet encourages loosing weight due to fat and not muscles and thus protecting protein reserves intact.

The total weight loss at the end of the entire planned period however depends on the overall caloric balance in the diet chosen. The diet chosen must be a moderately low calorie low carb diet. The total calorie input in a body should be lesser than that needed by it.

Risks of a Low Carb Diet

Depending on the carb content, there are certain risks associated with the low carb diet regime that should be taken care and appropriate supplements should be taken in order to avert its side effects. Very low carb diets force your body to burn fat and protein for energy. These may be ineffective pathways of energy and may result in end product accumulation, known as ketones, in the body. Problems like bad breath etc are accompanied with such accumulations.

At times these end products may also lead a harmful change in body chemistry to acid, known as acidosis. Also sometimes due to intake of very low carb diet or liquid protein diets, there may be electrolyte imbalances which may in turn lead to fatal heart rhythms.

The mantra to safeguard against these side effects is to cut calories and if you include enough carbohydrates in the diet.

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